Bad breath and other symptoms

Sophia has been very sweet to me during my illness, although she tells me often, “Auntie Gina, your breath is KICKIN’!” I suppose that is a result of being sick? I hope so.

So today I went to see my regular doctor, who confirmed that I have a kidney infection. She shared that the medical center failed to do a few tests, so she would do them today. Also, she determined the red swelling of my feet (which is prickly painful!) was an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that I received the day before. So she switched my meds and said if I am not feeling better by Wednesday or Thursday I need to come back in.

I just took a power nap and feel a bit better right now. My feet and back still hurt, and Sophia confirmed my breath is still kickin’. However, I have a bit of energy to share a little more details about my visit to urgent care.

First of all, I HATE going here so it should suggest the pain I was feeling to decide to go there on a Sunday. Yep, it was jam packed with various stages of sickly people, mostly with gross coughs and running noses. I got there around 11:45 and left there at 2 something. 3 something? Yeah, it was a long time.

When I finally got into the room, they did a few obvious tests, which I will spare you the details. After several minutes, the Physician Assistant came in and looked about 20 years old. She asked me why I was there, etc. Here is how the conversation went:

PA: So why are you here?

G: well, my kidneys have been killing me since Friday, getting worse each day, I feel nauseous, and I figured I should come in.

PA: how do you know it is your kidneys and not a strained back?

G: well, I have hurt my back plenty of times before, but this is different. It does NOT feel like muscle, but inside.

PA: (after touching my back) well if it hurts there it has to be muscle

G: I told you it is not muscle

PA: Well, you said your back hurt

We went back and forth about this for a few seconds, getting me to the point where I said, “do you think I would come sit in this urgent care for hours on end for a backache? I am 40 years old and have never felt this way before in my life”

After all that, she says:

PA: Well, you lab tests show high levels of {something} that indicates you have a kidney infection.


WHY did she just put me through the inquisition if the lab tests already showed my infection???? Um, yeah, I asked her but she didn’t answer.

One highlight of the time spent at urgent care was one member in the group, which Sophia had a grand time visiting with:

Sophia whispered to me at first, “where is my present????” She had fun with Santa!

I had a much better time today with my own doctor’s office. Whew. And they were kind enough to get me in today, which is always quite a miracle.

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to Nathan and Elizabeth B. who celebrated their 2nd Wedding Anniversary today – woohoo!

Okay, that is the extent of my energy for now, so happy reading.

2 thoughts on “Bad breath and other symptoms

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! We had a very nice anniversary.

    Okay, so that PA has to be the dumbest retard to ever get through PA school.

    G – “Doctor, it hurts here.”
    PA – “Must be your back.”
    G – “It’s not my back.”
    PA – “Yes, it is.”
    G – “No, it’s not.”
    PA – “Well, your tests say it’s your kidney.”
    G – “Yeah, that’s why it’s not my back.”
    PA – “Yes, it is.”

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