The results are in!

I have a kidney infection.

Symptoms? Pain!

I received a somewhat painful shot and a strong antibiotic and was told I need to see my doctor tomorrow. If I can’t get in, I was instructed to go back to urgent care tomorrow.


I knew it was serious when I couldn’t stomach my morning coffee! At least it doesn’t appears to be kidney stones – THAT would suck!

2 thoughts on “The results are in!

  1. ok so i walk into my computer class and im already like making a list in my head.
    at the top of the list was to read your blogs (cause i was getting behind)
    then take roll for my teacher (cause she always fprgets)
    then check my yahoo
    and last but not least do my assignment.

    then i go to my computer and realize the internet doesnt work!! my teacher said the district got hacked! so that meant i couldnt check your blog =/

    hahha now that i told you my life story…im sorry about your kidney infection =/ if there is anything i could do to help or to make you feel better..just lemme no =]

  2. Have had a kidney infection and kidney stones. Both SUCK!!! My kidney infection was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Sorry you are sick and had to get a shot. Hope you feel better!

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