NOT Stranded at the drive in…….

…..rather, stranded at the AIRPORT!!!! Here I am taken as I type……

So today I was scheduled to leave Dallas at 5:40pm, arrive in Las Vegas for a rather long lay over, and continue to John Wayne Airport in California. I was a bit concerned at first as my connecting flight was for US Airways and I was leaving Dallas on American…..but was assured there would be no problem and my luggage would even be transfered for me! I got to the gate in record time, with about 2 hours to wait, so nonchalantly went to get a good lunch under my belt, read my book, and chill.

My guardian angel was looking out for me because for no reason other than boredom, I decided to check out the departing flight screens to make sure that my gate had not changed. Sure enough, not only did it change to the other side of the airport, but it had been delayed for an hour! So I hopped on the SkyWay, got to the gate, and checked with AA personnel to make sure I wouldn’t miss the connecting flight. I was given the green light so I relaxed at the new gate, started writing notes to myself and updating my calendar, and relaxed.

At this point, Deana called and we were chatting and suddenly, I heard something about my plane being delayed again! I didn’t hear the details, but someone next to me said the flight was delayed another hour and a half! I trekked on over to the gate again, because I figured this was cutting it pretty darn close to my connecting flight. Yep, as it was, I would have 27 minutes to get to my connecting flight before it TOOK OFF, and they had no idea how close the gate would be when I landed. As I was in LV airport in October and it was a MESS with construction, plus the fact that the AA flight had already been delayed 2 1/2 hours in a mere 30 minutes, I did not want to take a chance of any further delays. So I pushed a little – not too much, the staff at the gate were very understanding and helpful – I was put onto a non-stop AA flight from Dallas to Orange County. The only problem is that this flight doesn’t leave until 9:15 tonight – sigh. The good part is that I arrive at the same time my original itinerary called for……the bad part is I still need to go to US Airways to get my luggage! I hope it is not far from the AA gate when I arrive at John Wayne!

So, I lucked out and found a plug at the airport for my laptop. I also splurged and got internet access so I could do stuff like post on this blog!

I am very tired, to say the least. Sitting in a boring place seems to do that to me. I have a couple Starbucks cards with me so I might get my Cafe Mocha Quad here shortly! Another good thing about the change is that I am in Terminal D which is HIGH CLASS! It seems a lot of international flights leave from here so it has the mall with fancy stores, high end restaurants, and the seats are more comfortable. Also, since no flight is scheduled for the gate I am at, there is not a crazy amount of people around! It was WAY CRAZY at the last gate! “Too much crazy!”

Another blessing – do you know how many people are flying into Las Vegas for the New Year???? I saw with my own eyes – A TON! There were three flights back-to-back, including the one that I was scheduled to be on, and there were over 30 stand byes for each flight! THINK ABOUT IT! People were getting CRANKY over there! I was sure they knew I gave up a seat for one of them!

So here I sit!

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