At the Airport – Day Two!!!!!

Yes, this is me. Yes, I am still in the same clothes as all my clothes AND MAKE-UP are sitting in Orange County.

I am still in Dallas! It was a NIGHTMARE trying to get out of here yesterday! Here is a recap and update just in case you didn’t read my last post – My original flight was supposed to leave at 5:40 – American Airlines – and I was connecting to a US Air flight in Las Vegas. The AA flight was delayed an hour – still okay because I had a long lay over in Vegas. Then it was delayed another hour and a half, cutting my time very close and they had no idea how close my gates would be. So, to be nice, they switched me to a non-stop flight to Orange County at no charge, but I had to stay until 9:30pm, but would arrive in California the same time as my original flight. This was key because my bag would still be on the original flight. So okay, no problem – I planned on staying here for 7+ hours but at least it was a direct flight.

Loaded the flight but there was another delay – mechanical this time but it wouldn’t be too long. NOT! Turned out the plane was grounded! So we got off and waited for another plane. Got one, but it was just in from an international flight and needed to be cleaned and receive an “international security check”. So then they said that Orange County had a curfew so we’d have to fly to LAX and take a bus to Orange County. My bags? I wouldn’t be able to get them as the baggage claim would be closed. ETA of arrival in OC would be 4am California time. So I instead opted to get on a flight today and Deana picked me up – at least I slept in a bed last night! We left the airport around midnight Texas time.

So, I am back here waiting for my new flight. Hopefully it won’t be as crazy today! I am due to arrive in CA at 12:30pm and hope to be able to get my bag – AA said they would request it from US Airways so I hope that goes well. Sigh. But in comparison to flying on a defective plane, I guess this is okay!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Don’t party too much!

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