Bragging a bit…..seriously!

Most of my 2.79 readers know how very modest I am…..HA! In any case, I thought I’d drop the pretensions for a moment a share the events that occurred last evening:

Last night I was inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda (ASL) Honor Society, which is “the only honor society in the nation specifically instituted to recognize the special achievements of adult students. ASL is designed to honor the accomplishments of the adult learner who has displayed academic excellence and service to the University and community, while facing he competing interests of home and work.” For more info on the honor society, you can check it out here.

To be candid, I had the goal of graduating with high honors, which I missed because of a B I received in a theology class (and which I think was wrong…..but I will stop this ongoing tirade…..). I was able to make it to graduating with honors instead and I told myself that was still pretty darn good. But then I got the call from Biola about being inducted into ASL and I was surprised and so excited. As only a small percentage of the graduating class is inducted, I knew this was an honor that spoke of the hard work I had done for the last 18 months (and even the years before at the JC level.) So I was completely jazzed……

But I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge those that assisted and supported me during my tenure as a student:

~ Deana, who encouraged me when I was ready to quit, for tending to the day-to-day demands with the house, the kids, and general life as I sat working on homework, studying for the many tests, and otherwise being removed from many of the aspects known as “life” to those who are not in school. It should also be noted that it was Deana who encouraged me to go back to school in the first place.

~ Mom, who attended class with me and traveled the road of college beside me. She always encouraged me when the responsibilities of our group weighed me down or I hit any sort of wall – physically or emotionally.

~ Fitsum, my counselor at Biola, who has been supporting my academic career since I first met her at the info session Mom and I attended. She told me early on that I was flagged to graduate in December 2007, at which I scoffed as I had so many GE units to finish. I fought her on this, aiming for May 2008 – and yet, here I am! Her encouragement was constant throughout. And when I went to Russia in March with Deana, she stepped in and helped me rearrange my schedule, telling me not to worry about the logistics so that I could focus on my family.

~ Stepha, who made me laugh at times when my responsibilities seemed insurmountable. She also helped tremendously with the kids and the laundry (she is the best folder I know!) and other details that would take up pages if I elaborated in detail.

~ Rona, who assisted me by being the subject of many papers, including my biggest research paper for the program. Through it all, she not only opened her busy schedule to be interviewed, but she models many (if not all) of the characteristics of management that I was being taught. Not only that, but she has encouraged me beyond the “call of duty” and gave me the gumption to move forward even when I was ready to throw in the towel.

There are many more I’d like to add, but I am dry right now (it IS in the middle of the night!). All to say, while I was inducted into ASL last night, I couldn’t have done it without the many friends and family members that are so much a part of my life. Thank you one and all!

8 thoughts on “Bragging a bit…..seriously!

  1. That is awesome news!!! Congratulations! You made it and in a couple of hours you’ll be walking to get your diploma. Job well done!!!!

  2. Wow… congratulations. As we get older, we realize how important these achievements are and the amount of work and sacrifice which is spent. It sounds like you reached for your dream and exceeded it. You worked really hard and you deserve it. What a great Christmas gift from you to you!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve kept my Mom updated on you and she too sends her best wishes on your great achievement. You sure live life to it’s fullest! I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

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