Answers to some questions!

Okay, back to my genetics post…..Liz was having “technical difficulties” and was not able to comment and RF also asked a question. So, here are my answers!

1. Where did you get your sarcasm from? That was a tough one, but I think I probably got it from my Dad. He has a dry whit and we would often play off each other. With my 40 years I have been able to refine this talent, I am sure!

2. Where did you get your sense of humor? This was also tough, because I have to say I am probably the goofiest in my family. However, both of my parents have great personalities and are gregarious. My mom was very social and my Dad is too. But I think wanting to be like my sister, who is very bubbly, influenced me the most. I saw how everyone laughed around her and fought to hang around her, and being so intelligent, I incorporated that into my own life. LOL

3. Who was the techno-nerd? I had to think about this too, because it certainly was NOT from my parents! But then it hit me like a ton of bricks – my brother Joey! He is a genius, seriously – super high IQ and sort of eccentric like I imagine Einstein was. In any case, he was very influential with me in academics and technology. (And, as a side note, was VERY loving to me and David…..he was our primary care giver when we were little and our parents went to work.) You might not remember it, but he bought the first “sort of” home computer (it was made by Texas Instrument I think….might be wrong) and it was tiny and plugged into our TV. He taught me how to program in basic….stuff like make my name scroll down the screen (I was like 10 years old). Before that he would program stuff at school using punch cards! Anyway, he gave me my own computer in high school – a brand I don’t remember – and it had TWO FLOPPY DRIVES and one had to have a boot disk! But I was happy to be able to do my essays and term papers on it instead of typing them out like I used to! I even learned how to write my own database program, which was SO archaic compared to today’s standards (this was in the mid-80’s). Then this was reinforced when I got married as he was a Computer Science major and had the first REAL home PC, the IBM. In fact, I remember the day when we bought a new computer and added a MATH CO-PROCESSOR and it was SO ADVANCED!!!!! The rest, as they say, is history!

So there you go! If you have any other questions about why I am the way I am, let me know!!!!

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