Updates and other Exciting Things

Well, I made it thru my 40th Birthday in one piece! Yeah! It was a great day! My friends took me out to lunch, D flew in to California, and I was able to eek out a late dinner too! Woohoo!

On that note, wanted to update my list for “inquiring minds”! LOL I am so pathetic!

• Final Cut Express 4.0 Software (for Mac….of course!)
• Steel string acoustic guitar (narrow neck if possible but cheap is cool)
• Leopard Mac Operating System upgrade – RECEIVED
• Gift Cards for iTunes
• Harry Potter book series, or any part thereof AFTER book 3
• The new Amazon Kindle eBook reading device. I mean, seriously, I think this was made for ME! The newest technology, the ability to hold 200 books, and it reads like a piece of paper! Freaking amazing!
• Video8 digital converter (so I can convert them to my Mac computer)
• Apple Airport Express
• Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station RECEIVED
• Apple TV 160GB
• Borders gift cards
• Motorcycle riding lessons
• Starbucks gift cards
• Skydiving jump (tandem, of course!)

Thanks to all of you who made this day special! You have blessed me beyond measure!


One thought on “Updates and other Exciting Things

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA! Let me tell you 40’s are great! Enjoy it! I think the aches increase later on….but we are more experienced and we know what we want. YES!

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