Where I got what…..another diversionary theme for my 40th Birthday AND the fact I am once again awake during the middle of the night!

• Hair – a combo – curls from my mom, color from my Dad
• Eyebrows – my Dad and I still complain to him about it!
• Nose – yep, it’s all Minard
• Dimples – my Grandma Minard
• Teeth – my Dad, even the missing adult ones INCLUDING NO WISDOM TEETH! I do have to thank him, though, I have had like 2 cavities in my life.
• Complexion – my white skin is all from my Mom!
• Blue Eyes – From my Grandpa Gates
• Left Handedness – from my Daddy WOOHOO!
• My Goofiness – I really do not even know this one! Although it all started when I was a toddler and I ran up to a black man screaming “Daddy!” My mother was a little embarrassed……
• Love for Music – a mix here; my Mom’s side has tons of musical talent so I think I got my desire to be a musician from her (such that I am, that is!). My love for rock et al is all from my Dad though! I still remember knowing he was home from work because I heard his car radio blaring as he drove into the driveway!
• My love for Christ – well, my Dad was very devout when I was growing up, so that was certainly foundational for me. Then I got my first Bible from my sister Linda in December 1977, which I still have today. Actually, Kenny uses it now! It’s awesome to have it – especially her note to me…..priceless.
• Athletic Ability – yes, I still have this to some extent even though I am OLD! I always believe I got this from my Dad, and I don’t disagree with this at all. Most of my youth was spent playing sports with Dad (or catch or whatever!). I love this part of my life! But I also know that my Mom had skills too – she ran pretty fast and was athletic when she was young, too. Although, admittedly, I never saw it with my own eyes! ☺
• Love for Reading – all from my Dad! But reinforced by my brother Joey.
• Love for Weirdness – I have to say I inherited this from my brother Joey. And yes, he would not be thrilled that I added the “y” to his name! Something about him being in his 50’s…..

• Height – I believe I got this from my Grandma Minard……only because she and I were the exact same height for most of my life…..but then she started shrinking and that did not make her very pleased! LOL

That’s all I can think of right now! If you have a question regarding where a certain trait of mine came from, post a comment!

2 thoughts on “Genetics!


    I think you look just the same as the picture on the blog – life has been good to you!!

    🙂 Lori

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