The Countdown!

This picture was taken of me in 5th Grade and was, perhaps, the first image that proves that I can actually tan! I was so very happy! What you can’t tell is that my best friend, Kristi Robinson, was wearing the same top as I was. We were SO JAZZED to be so “cool”, showing up with the same tops on the classroom picture sheet! I wish I still had that, although the image is still very clear in my mind.

So how does this walk down memory lane tie to the countdown? Well, turning 40 has a way of making you look back over the years. This picture was taken a few months before my 11th birthday. On a side note, did you know in California the cut off for starting kindergarten is December 2? That means I just missed the cut off and actually started kindergarten when I was almost 6. But it worked out well when it was time to assign students to driver’s ed…..I was one of the oldest!

ANYWAY, tomorrow – technically at 11am – I will be 40. It’s weird to hear that, weird to accept that number when inside I don’t resonate with the stereotypical reaction to the age. But what DOES 40 mean? Does it mean I am getting old? I don’t think so. I look at my Dad, whose age will remain anonymous, and although his knees still bug him, he is still young. I think of my Grandma, who at age 80 was kicking butt and taking names……and still made me lose my breath because she walked so fast and far! So what do I have to fear?

I have lived 39 amazing years….well, technically almost 40! I have been blessed with so many things – family, friends, relationships come and gone……it’s amazing really how full my life has been! And the amazing thing is, it doesn’t end here! By the grace of God, I will have many more days to laugh, cry, learn, grow, bless others……!

So tomorrow is the day! My cousin Christine, who turned 40 a few weeks ago, assures me that this is going to rock – and I believe her! I have friends who have already traveled this road and they are pretty cool, so I look forward to trying to be like them! (Notice there are no names! LOL!) So, to that I say BRING IT ON!

OH, and I am wondering, when you get “this age”, is it normal to wake up in the middle of the night? LOL

2 thoughts on “The Countdown!

  1. That is a wonderful post and a great way to try to prevent your closest friends from calling you OLD! 🙂

    And, for the record to some of your friends, 40 is very young!!!!

    Remember, mom had Michael at 47, don’t let your hair down too much!!! 🙂 You’re not out of the woods yet!

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