What Lori, are you bugging me again????

Okay, I shouldn’t just mention Lori for bugging me – as I received an email from her today bemoaning the fact that this blog as well as Deana’s have not been updated – but Rona has noted that the quotes of the week lacked her name as well as Deana’s. Had I not arrived so late this morning to work, having just flown in from Texas, I think I would have heard more complaints from Rona. She is very bossy, you know!

In any case, I digress. First, let me quote Rona and Deana, to be applied to last week’s Quotes of the Week:

Rona: “Gina, you are amazingly intelligent.”

Deana: “How can I live without the best friend in the whole world?” referring to – of course – Gina.

Now, a quick recap of my Texas holiday:

~ Eating at Cantina Laredo which was so FREAKING good I want to go back just for more Prime Rib! 11/9 baby! Oh wait, maybe 11/10.

~ Down Under Pub & Grill. It was fun watching the band and the people in Halloween costumes. Sorry I was too tired that we didn’t stay to see who won (and Deana is STILL complaining about it!)

~ Bowling with everyone and beating Deana both games, with game #2 by only 1 pin! Ba ha ha ha.

~ Singing “You’re the One that I Want” from Grease with Josh.

~ Going to church and being amazed.

~ Me ready to fight the lady at Scotty P’s for the table, but instead hearing “I am so very sorry!” Deana, who was running to try to get to me, whispered “Gina, remember you’re in Texas….people are nice here!”

~ Watching Pan’s Labyrinth and Letters from Iwo Jima – both amazingly good movies

~ Looking for the DVD Elizabeth all over town and finding NOTHING

~ Devos with the kids

~ Playing at the park with the kids, including tackling Kenny

~ Getting a free evaluation at a MedSpa with Deana and Stepha, as I drank the free wine and scarfed the free food (SHRIMP baby!)

Here are some thanks for peeps in CA regarding my return:

~ To Liz, who was the first text I received when I turned on my phone as my plane taxied to the gate, saying something that sounded very much like Sophia

~ To Rona, who let me wear jeans to work

~ To Lori, who is bringing my favorite Starbucks coffee to worship practice tomorrow morning!

Okay, that’s it! It’s not that late here (9pm) but I am BEAT!


4 thoughts on “What Lori, are you bugging me again????

  1. Yay, a Gina update! I was looking for an update last night, but then I discovered an infestation of pantry bugs in my food and had to stop surfing the net. I couldn’t get it all cleaned up last night, and my kitchen is a disaster. It was good to come into some fun this morning! Thanks, G!

    I’m glad Texas was fun! We missed you!

    BTW, first text, and first post, baby!

  2. Oh my word! We did have good times!

    And, thanks for leaving the Grease songs behind. They are dying slowly!!!!

    I need that kid to sing his spelling words…focus, focus, focus…

    We had such a good time!!!! Come back soon!

    Cantina Laredo is waiting as is the spa!!!!

  3. I can’t believe that I let work take priority over reading the blog and I was featured in the title – how cool is that???!!!


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