Life, wow

You know, little things in life can make a huge impression on you. Here are some examples, at least as they rumble randomly through my brain:

~ To hear a baby’s gurgling as she wakes up, looks at you in amazement, then has the loudest screaming cry you’ve ever heard! Torie I love you!

~ To see an elderly couple hold hands lovingly as they shop in the supermarket.

~ Hearing an observation from a friend that is random yet very encouraging.

~ Just hanging out and being lazy with no homework!

~ Talking to your Dad, who seems kind of down. You ask how his day at work was (as a Funeral Director) and he shares it was a hard day. With true sorrow in his voice, he shared that he had a funeral for a 2-year-old girl that day and said, “sometimes they are really hard” and you can hear it for the truth that he is sharing. While it is sad to hear, you are blessed that such a tough man has feelings and a heart such as this.

~ Having mundane conversations with your best friend and realizing your day would not be the same without it.

~ Surprising your daughter by going to her work and she shows true joy in seeing you.

~ Hanging out with a new mom/friend/family member as she is just doing life and enjoying the simple interactions at a level that should be nothing but touches your heart so much.

~ “Borrowing” Sandy’s dog, who seems to enjoy sleeping with me, and feeling less lonely. I love you Lady!

~ Touching base with an old friend and feeling as though no time has passed at all.

Okay, that’s it for me now. Feel free to comment cool moments in your life!

One thought on “Life, wow

  1. Yes, things that should be nothing, are quite big – they even seem bigger sometimes. One of mine this weekend was listening to my boyfriend pray – he is normally very private about this. A wow moment was going to the funeral of someone that I barely knew and finding out that she was a very strong believer in Christ. God is very good and very evident right now and I just have to sit back sometimes and say “wow!”.

    Thanks for blogging and in a small way, allowing me to blog too!!

    🙂 Lori

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