Quotes of the Week

Okay, here is this week’s installment:

“You made me laugh so much, I am sweating.” Jim U.

“Don’t give us reason to question your orientation.” Pete to Liz, who was saying that Elvis wasn’t good looking.

Interchange with Rona:
R: You haven’t done your quotes for a while.
G: Yes I have, I did it last week.
R: oh, well it doesn’t count if I’m not in it.

“I want liver and onions.” Austin, 3 (and repeating his Amie)

“Shut your face, poopy head.” Liz (see, she CAN be mean! Martin was right!)

“I passed my second test!” Deana, referring to her credential testing.

I am too tired to think of more because I didn’t save them correctly this week. So I will update it Saturday morning!

4 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. What Gina didn’t include was her own special quote, “Liz, your husband is hot! How did you end with up with him?” Therefore my response: “Shut your face, poopy head!” And, of course, Gina doesn’t mention that she likes to go around calling me “Stuip head” on a regular basis!

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