What happens in Vegas……Corrected

Okay, so maybe not EVERYTHING stays in Vegas!

We had a pretty good time visiting each other – the reunion of Deana, Rona, Stepha, and I was a success. It was like we were just together days ago! It was a long flight – it seemed – maybe because Rona and I hung out at the airport for about an hour and a half waiting for Deana and Stepha. But when they arrived you should have seen Rona run! I didn’t know she could run! LOL Anyway, we got to the hotel after midnight on Friday – Planet Hollywood, which used to be The Alladin – and our room was very nice. We went out for a bit, then ordered room service and slept (can you say PARTY PEOPLE????).

Saturday we ate, hung out, did some minor gambling, went to the AWESOME exhibit showing the Human Bodies…..we’re talking real bodies with their muscles out, seeing organs, learning about their functions, etc. IT WAS AMAZING! I don’t think I really appreciated how wonderfully God made us up until that point! Seeing a real uterus and realizing how freaking SMALL it is and how big my children were when they were born blew me away! Miraculous thoughts popped up throughout our walk through the exhibit!

We then went to a comedy show with Joe Rogan, who is the host for Fear Factor. He is very short! But he and two other comedians were very funny and my side was hurting pretty badly.

Sunday, there was more eating and then we went to get TATTOOS! We were going to go to Heavenly Tattoos, but our taxi driver suggested Diversity Tattoos which he said was bigger and more people ask to go there. It WAS a very nice place and they had computers all over to select tats. You could even access the internet to find pictures. There was only one tattoo artist when we arrived so we had to wait a while – another came in and that helped.

And, I know you all are wondering, why would I want a tattoo??? Well, I already had two, which I got on my 39th birthday. One is the logo for Not of This World, the Christian clothing line. Don’t have a pic of that, but included the logo here – although my tat is black.

The other tattoo I already have is the signature of my Dad’s initials, which he wrote himself and he also has had that tattoo for my entire life (well, probably even before I was born!). These two are on my left and right back shoulders respectively.

Anyway, I found a Christian tattoo from a Christian tattoo site (http://www.religioustattoos.net/index.php) that I really liked. I took the pic in, they gave me a quote, and then I waited my turn. Here is the finished result – it is not a good quality pic but it gets it across. It is a Jesus Fish with ΙΧΘΥΣ in it surrounded by decorative design.

I think it came about pretty nice, but let me tell you…..IT FREAKING HURT LIKE HELL!!!!! I knew I was in trouble because Stepha went first and her tat was in the middle of her upper back, too, although smaller than mine. The look on her face when he started told me THIS WAS GOING TO HURT! I was called just as Stepha’s was finishing…..here is her tat:

So, I am getting psyched up so that I can bear the pain. I didn’t cry or anything, but the pain shot through me like the feeling when you hit your funny bone! It shot down my whole body to the tips of my toes! Lamaze didn’t help me much with childbirth, but it worked wonders for this tattoo! LOL IT was worth it though because I love it.

The rest of Vegas, well it isn’t that exciting…..although I need to leave SOME of it there just for tradition sake! We had a tough time leaving though – not only emotionally, but physically! The flight that Rona and I took was delayed over 1 1/2 hours because a valve had to be replaced in our engine….supposedly a minor fix, but we had to wait for the engine to cool so that the mechanic could get to it. Deana and Stepha suffered much worse; their flight was scheduled for 6:30 was delayed until 11pm (!!!!) and they didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning SORRY THIS WOULD BE 4:30 TEXAS TIME!!!!. I feel very badly for them, especially since no one ever said anything but just kept changing the take off time. I think they eventually even changed gates/planes! Poor girl and Stepha was worried about having to go to work today!

So, that is my update. Oh, and I won this week in Fantasy Football, bringing my record above Mark Monsees! (2-2-1 versus 2-3). In fact, looking at the Power Rankings, I am rating 3rd while Mark is in LAST PLACE! If you know Mark, or even if you don’t know him but work at ECCU, feel free to mention this via words or email! I would appreciate it!

Okay my peeps – on a side note – Finished strong at Biola. Last two bible classes ended with A’s!!! I have finished all question assignments for Romans and just have the final essay due, which I plan on finishing today or tomorrow. YES! Thanks for your prayers and support during this crazy time!

Love ya!

6 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas……Corrected

  1. Welcome home!!! Glad you had a great time. Those tattoos look great. What a great memory for you guys in Vegas. Sorry about the delays. Those suck!!!

  2. Oh and I’m #1. Thanks for blogging, G. Sounds like the exhibit was amazing. I think I’d have a hard time looking at some of the stuff though. I’m glad that you guys were able to hang out for the weekend together.

  3. Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to hear about it in person. I figured you’d end up with that tattoo although it’s bigger than I thought it was going to be. Can’t wait to hear more about THAT experience!

  4. You go girl! It sounds like you all had a lovely time and the delays I imagine are like labor, you son forget it the pain and only the fun memories remain.

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