Pondering life in Southern Cal

Special shout out to Lori and Liz, who send me emails at work chastising me for not updating the blog! THIS ONE’S FOR YOU LADIES!

Sometimes I analyze things, not so much that I hope to get to the end, but more for the journey of the thought process. For example, I am in Southern California and the bulk of my family is in Texas. While I have homework still to do, I have a pretty depressing life here…..no one really around, I hear about updates with my boys over the phone, etc. Yet, I receive a call from my daughter, who is also in So Cal, and we decide to go out together! CHA-CHING! Some of you know my relationship with my daughter has had it’s tough moments, but this meeting was a special one because it was initiated by Kirstie. And you know what? She had been feeling much of what I’VE been feeling! Her Dad and brothers are in Texas and, well, life here in So Cal pretty much sucks! So we hung out, did homework together, and then went out to dinner…..having a good time the whole time.

Yet the fact still remains…….we are alone out here, and that sucks! I don’t think many realize how hard this is on me…..not to be pitiful, but just the feedback I’ve received from a few peeps. Yet I refuse to let the facts and other circumstances ruin what has been an amazing evening with a wonderful lady who I’ve known for 17 years!

So yea, don’t know how that ties to the way I started this blog (which, I suppose was named “Just Rambling” for a reason….), but that’s all I got!

Tomorrow, it’s off to Vegas and I hope to glean at least a bit of fun out of it! That is, if I am allowed to have fun.

6 thoughts on “Pondering life in Southern Cal

  1. Glad to be holding things together for you here.

    Hope all works out for you to get out here to your boys as soon as possible.

  2. Have fun in Vegas!!

    I know you’re lonely, but I like it that you’re here still! Who will I have to joke with when you’re gone? I just have to get pregnant so I can stop working. πŸ™‚ That’s my new plan to get over Gina moving to Texas.

  3. G, not only are you allowed to have fun in Vegas but I demand it. Have a great time!!! Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Get out and enjoy the town. Sorry you are hurting. Hang in there. Life in Texas will be here before you know it and then what will we do? You’ll just have to do your blogging and trivia from there. πŸ™‚

  4. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and of course on the blog!! You go girl, have fun, laugh out loud until your gut hurts and eat until you can’t get up!!

    Lori πŸ™‚

  5. Gina – I’m so happy for your for your time with your daughter! That is a very special time together.

    Enjoy your trip to Vegas… enjoy your time with your friends, laugh heartily! You are richly blessed and continue to bless others so abundantly!!! We’ll enjoy the ramblin’ after!!! :0


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