Some Quick Texas Highlights

Not in order:

1. Having first an hour, then 2.5 hour delay in Phoenix
2. Deana’s tricking me at the airport, texting me she was almost there as I ran into her, texting her back, after having just went thru the security spinning thing before baggage claim.

3. Closing out CPK with Deana, Stepha, and Mike.
4. Mike scaring our pants off when we got home.
5. Seeing Zack’s face when he realized I was home – priceless!
6. Shopping for Sophia’s Cappy Birthday toy.
7. Seeing my boys and hearing their shocked comments about my hair.
8. Waking up early Sunday and going on a pontoon and wave runner for the morning – so fun!

9. Seeing Mike and Kenny catch air on the wave runner.
10. Seeing Stepha having her life saved.
11. Riding the wave runner with Josh and Kenny.
12. Watching Deana kick butt on the wave runner.
13. The girls getting ready in Deana’s bathroom.
14. Watching Mike get ready for his date with Hannah.
15. Seeing Petey, one of the guys who likes Stepha, and thinking his hair was very greasy.

16. Laughing so hard in the car as Mike and Stepha pretended to have a lover’s quarrel that I almost peed my pants.
17. Moons in Texas – ‘nuf said.

Okay, better get ready for my flight back to California!

7 thoughts on “Some Quick Texas Highlights

  1. Clearly there are some stories that need more detail: Stepha’s life was saved? And I think we need a reenactment of Zack’s face! Sounds like great fun!

  2. Yes, Zack was so jazzed that Gina was here! He loves spending time with her!

    He also won his first fight today. Some kid has been hitting him everday and today Zack finally had enough. He jumped on him and started punching. He said, then Miss Brown come and tell me to criss cross (sit Indian style). He said then I cry. The kid is a second grader.

    Josh said, “I don’t think he’ll hit Zack anymore.”

    I hate fighting, but I am glad he did finally stick up for himself cause crying in the bathroom for his mom didn’t help much.

    Why am I posting this here???? Heck if I know.

  3. Poor Zack! How come the teachers didn’t notice this kid was hitting him every day? I’m glad Zack fought back – teaches that kid a lesson!

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