Questions of life…..

… worries, this is NOT a serious post! So sit back and enjoy!

1. Why do companies send cash in the mail? For example, I received a survey request yesterday that had a dollar in it and a letter asking for me to fill out a survey online and get more cash. How many letters do you think were thrown out without being opened? Do they really think people of gonna feel obligated to fill out the survey because they’ve received a dollar? Or is a dollar enough to convince a person to do it for “more money”? I asked these questions as I pocketed the dollar and threw the letter out!

2. Why do I speak in third person when I wake up in the morning? “Gina is cold.” “Gina needs to go to the bathroom.” “Gina hopes Jerry set the coffee up so she can have it right away.” Seriously! I think either I am either lonely or mentally unstable.

3. Why are left handers so far superior? I can list all of the reasons we excel, which probably answers my question anyway, but thought I should write the question down.

4. Why do I have the song, “Dancing Through Life” from Wicked in my brain? LIZ!

5. Why do I have to go to work today? (Actually, and honestly, the question was originally formed as “Why does Gina have to go to work today?” See item 2.) It’s not that I don’t like work, but…..well, I don’t want TO work today. Problem as currently I have the most work I’ve had in a long time!

6. Why do Biola teachers feel the need to make sure each week consists of over 800 pages of reading????? Crap! (Or, for Rona, “cwap”. Or maybe, “Merry Christmas!”?)

7. Why do real estate agents, when you ask what they are doing to get this freaking house sell, send beautiful fliers for the sign outside? LAME!

8. Why is this craving for egg salad sandwich so strong?!?!!?!

Okay, that’s the extent of Gina’s thoughts today. Gina needs to get ready for work.

6 thoughts on “Questions of life…..

  1. It is all too unfortunate that left handers take twice as long to open a package that is not perforated! LOL

    Let me know when you start answering yourself audibly when you speak in third person!

    Miss you a ton! Kiddos are doing super well and laughter fills the house and park, but we are all missing you a bunch!

  2. Jen thinks that talking in third person is fun. Jen thinks Gina thinks a lot in the morning. Jen thinks Rona still owes G a sandwich. šŸ™‚

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