Quotes of the Week

Okay, I am doing this a tad early….not because of something awesome like going to Texas, but I have a pretty long list this week! Seriously, if you heard something funny or would like to submit something, shoot me an email!

“Twenty four reasons to admit that I’m wrong, with all my excuses still twenty four strong” Switchfoot

OK. So we’re lazing around the house this weekend and Rachel says to Kathleen: “Catch up with the program, Mommy!” As told by Martin regarding his 7-year-old daughter.

Interchange with Zack and Deana:
Z: “Mom, I want to go to California!”
D: “You do, why?”
Z: “To get Gina!”

“Gina, I miss you so much.” Stepha

“It’s all about the trilogy!” RF (sorry if I’ve posted this one before, it’s a classic!)

Interchange with Sophia and Deana:
S: “Mom, can we go to McDonald’s? Can we go to McDonald’s?”
D: “No sweetie, the line is too long.”
S: “When Gina comes to Texas, she take me to McDonald’s and we play!”

“After I read RevelationS I went to PsalmS 21……” Gina, trying to irritate both Jim and Cat in one sentence.

“You shouldn’t kid about calling 911” Ryan, a First Responder AND Accountant (which I guess makes him very dry and serious) to Gina after she announced in a hilarious fashion that we are not supposed to call 911 in an emergency at work, but instead call the receptionist, who then will call 911 for us……..but he is right, I suppose you shouldn’t kid about a thing like that and get First Responder Ryan all ready to save a life.

Gina, talking at lunch to Wanda about a loan:
“And it had a buttload of conditions…….”
(to understand this faux pas, see my previous posts…..and thanks to Martin for spelling “pas” for me!)

“Merry Christmas!” Rona (apparently this is some form of expletive in her world)

“Don’t take this heaven from one, if you must cling to someone, now and forever let it be me.” Collin Raye

“I made you this really yummy egg salad sandwich because I know it’s your favorite. Um, except I ate it.” Rona

“Yeah, I want to see you this week.” David (my little bro – LOL, the man is 37 do you think he’ll ever lose the “little” part?)

“Since I am ALWAYS hilarious and witty, you may want to carry around a notepad just in case you pass by my desk.” Rona

“oh gina…do you ever sleep?? Lol” Heather

Josh’s homework assignment, as read by Deana:
D: “If you could choose any name, would you keep yours or change it?”
J: “I would change it to Johnny, of course!”
D: “Why ‘Johnny, of course’?”
J: “Hello! Johnny Flame from Fantastic Four!”

“You have to let me see Wicked.” Allie

“Hi Honey!” Liz, who I THINK was talking to her husband…….or not! LOL

“Second hand smoke is NOT gonna kill you.” Jim

“Are you wearing white socks?!?!!?!” Karen

“Those white socks DO look dorky!” Cat

5 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. yay i made the weekly comments ronas cracks me up (“I made you this really yummy egg salad sandwich because I know it’s your favorite. Um, except I ate it.” Rona)sounds like something i would do

  2. Here’s another… guess who offers up this one!!!

    “you’re really my favorite… just don’t tell (—insert name here—) – but you’re really my favorite”!!! 🙂

    Love the quotes and you really are a BIG favorite to very many of us!!! Lovin it!!!


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