Andrew the Idiot Strikes Again!

Here are my notes from class today!

P: do you or your religious community suffer well?
A: No one suffers well.
P: I am not asking for your opinion of the world and all its occupants, but for your specifically
A: well, no one suffers well.

P: there are several communities in our lives
A: so what you’re saying is a support group?
P: well, that can be a community but I am not limiting it to that
A: well you need to say a support group because that’s the only analogy that makes sense.

First hour of class:
P: we should not judge someone when they are suffering, be sensitive, try not to be like Job’s friends……don’t assume they have done something wrong to deserve their problem.
Third hour of class:
A: I have a question. I have this friend that was having financial problems and they said they prayed that God would let him die. I told him he was wrong and that he shouldn’t do that.
P: so what is your question?
A: as a counselor, don’t you think it’s never right to ask God to take your life?
P: I am saying that God would not want us to want to die, but I think in this example is it more important to tell the person they should never do that, or ask them what is causing their pain that they would ask for it.
A: No my question is, he shouldn’t have prayed for God to let him die, right?

Read Job 32:18-22
P: after the reading of chapter 32, what did you get from it?
A.: 32:18-22 looks to me like Cancer (!)
P: are you saying people with cancer deserve it because of some sin in their lives?
A: well, that’s how it looks to me!

At the end of Job, God restores all of his possessions multiplied by two, and Job has ten more children. Andrew says, “How can he have had ten more children? He seemed pretty old? I mean, how could he live that long?” I said, “Well, the Bible says he lived 140 years more and people lived longer back then.” The Prof said something about Abraham and Sarah too. LAME!

I honestly rolled my eyes today! These were only the highlights! It was funny, the other woman in the class interrupted Andrew because he is a HORRIBLE reader and just started reading. It was awesome.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Andrew the Idiot Strikes Again!

  1. Number one! Oh Baby!

    Gina, I love your stories. And I love that the woman interrupted him. Awesome!! At least class was entertaining. And, don’t forget, YOU’RE ALMOST DONE!!

    See you tomorrow.

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