Okay okay, I’m POSTING!

Here I am at the water park in Texas, where fun was had by all! Not the best pic of me, but I am happy. And notice my tattoo on my shoulder – it matches a tattoo my Dad has…..in fact, it’s his signed initials! He wrote it down for me on my birthday last year! Not sure he believed me when I said I was going to get a tattoo. Go figure!

My visit to Texas was amazing! We had so much fun and it was COOL! Well, it was a little hot, but NOTHING like California I am told. So on that front I am very thankful.

That’s all I have right now – too busy arguing online to post more.

2 thoughts on “Okay okay, I’m POSTING!

  1. Yeah, Gina! I beat Allie and Wanda, and Deana! šŸ™‚

    So, good to have you back. I heard it was hot here; I was in San Jose, where it was also hot.

    Nice pic!

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