Nothing will make Texas bad for me!

Even today, which started out to be quite depressing on the surface!

We all were going to church together this morning; I went out first with the kids and climbed into the Yukon. Kenny says, “We are all not going to fit.” I said, “Come on Kenny, we all fit last night when we went to Steak and Shake.” “But the back seats are out.”

That was weird, because we had gotten home close to midnight the night before and it seemed weird that Mike would take the seats out. Deana came out and I said the back seats were not in the Yukon. She looked in the garage and asked Mike if he moved them – NOPE! Seemed the seats had been stolen!

Deana realized moments later that she had probably left her cell in the car too. GONE!

It was at this moment that Stephanie realized that her purse was gone. She swore that she never brought the purse, but since we looked high and low, it was determined she probably mistakenly left it in there too and now it was gone.

We called the police and learned that another Yukon in the neighborhood had his seats stolen, too. He works night shift and had gotten home at 5:30am and found it out at about 10:30am. Weird.

So we called the insurance and will need to wait until Tuesday to hear back. In the mean time we went to Best Buy, bought a cheap go phone ($19.99 baby) and got a new sim card for Deana so that she will have a way to contact family and friends on her cell. I will find her a better phone on eBay soon.

We also got Stepha a new purse although all the sentimental items in her purse cannot be replaced. That is the hardest part. For that I am very sad.

You should have seen Mike – he was ready to whoop butt!

I don’t have a bad taste about Texas, however. These things do happen. I guess I have things to be thankful for – like insurance and the fact that no one was hurt.

We also had a great day today. We went to Gatti Town, which is similar to Dave & Busters. All you can eat food and lots of games. We had so much fun and didn’t let things get us down. We did lose some time trying to resolve the cell phone thing, but the kids got to slip and slide and go to the park at that time. We ended the day with yummy homemade pizza and yummy dessert.

Yep, Deana is spoiling me pretty well!

The kids are AWESOME! Kenny and Josh are so sweet – we had tons of fun yesterday at the water park. Sophia and Zack certainly make me feel loved as they hang all over me and want my undivided attention. It’s cool.

Okay, please pray that everything works out with the car piece, which will occur after I am back in California. Deana relies on me for this sort of thing but she will have to step out of her comfort zone a bit. I am sure she will be fine, but appreciate your prayer support.

To Satan, who I guess thought he could mess up our visit – UP YOURS!

6 thoughts on “Nothing will make Texas bad for me!

  1. Gina, so sorry to hear about the theft of your seats, cell phone,etc. Things like that do happen more often than we think and it is especially hard to lose purse items that are sentimental. It is such a feeling of someone violating you when they take your stuff, but at least no one was hurt physically. I guess it would be good to have an alarm on the vehicle in case someone else decides to steal something. Have a good visit anyway and don’t let the evil one spoil things for you all.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, y’all!

    And, suprisingly, I DO have an alarm on the car! These were professionals – a “ring” the police say – so it was ineffective. Just like the fact the car was locked.

    Anyway, we had a blast today. The rest will fall into place.

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