Quotes of the Week

I am posting this a little early as I will be traveling tonight GOING TO TEXAS! Woohoo!

“oh yea good thinking liz we gotta think of something to be on the next quote blog” Heather

“I only flip people off in my mind.” Liz

“The Pastor thinks he’s the fourth part of the trinity.” Kurt B., attributed to Jim L., as told by Liz.

“Don’t use that ‘blue, I am not blowing you off’ crap with me!” Gina

“Did you know that your work has an alert that goes directly to senior management when any e-mail includes the “c” word?” Rona

“Auntie Geen, my teacher is Miss Brown, and I don’t know how to read….I can’t do it!” Zack

“Mom, guess what? The five kids at my table…..they are ALL my buddies!” Josh

Interchange with Gina and Don regarding his new golf classes, aka “college”: G: “So you’re starting college tonight?” D:”Yep!” G: “Well, I hope you learn a lot!” D: We will, we’ll be on Holy Ground!”

“Thou shalt not preach prosperity and apply for a loan, too.” Kurt B.

“I auditioned for the drum line, and made it!” Kenny

“So Job didn’t have a relationship with God?” Andrew the Idiot

“Gina look! I CAN write legibly!” Liz

“You eat your food and then come to Texas.” Zack

“Fairy Gisher” Karin transposing Gary’s name LOVE IT

“I could beat him up.” Toni, referring to Mark M

“Tom Brady is HOT!” Toni, referring to my selection in Fantasy Football, and I concur!

That’s it for this shortened week! Make sure to point out when you’ve said something hilarious or witty to me and I will be sure to post it!

While I will have internet access over the weekend, not sure how much time I will really spend online! So if you don’t see me, I will catch up with you later!

5 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. you no the phrase your mom goes to college. heather walks around saying “your dad goes to college” then she cracks her self up!. haha

  2. Well, Heather, I had more than one, so there!

    Gina, have fun in Texas!! I might need some explanation on some of the quotes next week. Fun stuff! 🙂

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