Some things that bug

Why is this a trend with me lately?!?!!?!

1. When your body, who really knows you need at least 8 hours of sleep, gets conditioned to think the 5-6 hours of sleep you’ve been getting lately is the “norm”. Hence, I am sitting here typing this blog at 4:24 am after having been up for an hour!

2. When you find out some pretty important information about someone in your life three years later and it still bothers you as if it were three years ago.

3. Fancy cars that don’t have automatic lights (that one’s for my friend who will remain NAMELESS! LOL)

4. People who come to see your house, which is for sale, who leave the lights on when they leave.

It’s a short list ’cause I just realized I need to book a shuttle to get to the airport TOMORROW! Ciao!

4 thoughts on “Some things that bug

  1. Gina, you’re so funny! I know about the light thing in your house – that is so LAME!

    Sorry you’re bugged and that you are tired. But just thing how much fun you’ll have this weekend. Miss you!

    PS – I’M FIRST!!!!

  2. Automatic headlights were designed by automobile manufacturers that did not believe that a human being that is capable of driving a car is not capable of knowing when to turn the car lights on. So…Gina…I can’t help it if your car maker doesn’t trust you like mine does!

    Signed, Nameless

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