Blessings come in small packages (or, as it were, printer paper boxes…)

I received a call from Wandita on Friday saying that her tribe had a care package for me if I wanted to pick it up after leaving the hospital (where Del’s baby was born). Well, that didn’t end up happening but Uncle Don brought it in his truck today! Whoot whoot! Thanks to Don, Wanda, Heather, and Allie who prepared the following care package that is absolutely PERFECT!:

1. Paper plates and BOWLS! NOW I can eat my chili!
2. A small frying pan and sauce pan- now I can COOK my chili!
3. Utensils, plastic silverware, and a can opener.
4. Dish soap and scrub sponges (does that mean I have to CLEAN items in #2 &3?)
5. Ramen soup – my fav!
6. Dinty Moore stew – MY FAV how did you know?!?!!?!
7. Stagg Chili Laredo – how did you know this is my all time fav?!!?!!?
8. A plastic drink shaker which includes 4 shot glasses – this TOTALLY made me laugh!
9. Eclipse gum!

If I forgot anything, please forgive me!

Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet, generous hearts that have cared for me so well! I just ate some stew and my tummy is way happy. I am drinking WATER and eating some seeds as I type this. Very content! Thank you very much – I love you all!

10 thoughts on “Blessings come in small packages (or, as it were, printer paper boxes…)

  1. my mom took my ramin for you!! normally i would be mad but it was for you =]

    plastic shaker was totally my idea (truth lol)

    liz did u even read the blog??? at least i was mentioned in the blog

    i beat allie and my momma

  2. I must confess I call Deana and asked her what your favorites were. She mentioned the Ramin, Dinty Moore Stew and Stagg Laredo chili. But all the rest of the stuff was my idea. : ]

  3. So, who’s bringing the Jager? LOL

    Sounds like you are living the bachelor life! When you’re out here this weekend, I’ll spoil you just like Wanda does there!

    How did you get such great friends? You are so irrational!

  4. Yes, Heather. I read the blog – plus, I was here when she got her care package, so I already knew all about it! Nice choice on the shot glasses, by the way. 🙂

  5. thank you liz the shot glasses i thought were a GREAT idea and gina…cant wait =)

    mom if your reading this…dont believe it 0=)

  6. ginaaaaa got a recipe for your shaker!! you wont be able to use the shot glasses for this one though

    you need:
    Ice cubes
    2 parts vodka
    1 part Cointreau or Triple Sec
    1 part lime juice
    2 ½ parts cranberry juice

    Fill the shaker half with ice and add the vodka, Triple Sec, lime juice and cranberry juice.
    Shake together and strain in a chilled cocktail glass.
    Decorate with lemon spiral.

    have fun =]

    and i got this recipe off google…never had it…..

    and for those who dont believe me here it is lol

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