Quotes of the Week

As a new and exciting feature of this blog, I will attempt to highlight the amazing things I heard the previous week. This post will be light as I decided to do this later in the week, but nonetheless I hope you like it!

“It’s a girl!” Anthony

“she (Gina) is “the bestest friend”!” Rona

“We miss you in Texas!” Deana

“It’s okay to get Spiderman costumes? Give mama money!” Zack

“I’ve never heard my dad say ‘crap’ before!” Allie

“Good Morning Baltimore!” Sung by Sophia

“I love you the most, bomb bomb no erasies lock the golden key.” Kenny

“Tell Kirstie I miss her.” Josh

“I am a Godly woman,damn it!” Wandita

“Gina, you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world and I can’t live without you!” Justin

5 thoughts on “Quotes of the Week

  1. Wanda, nice! So, Allie, why was your dad saying “crap?” Do you think Deane put Zack up to that, or what? 🙂

    I’m going to have to work on better quotes so I can make it on the blog!

  2. I was particularly taken with Justin’s comment… must have made your day… I know you ARE his favorite!!! 🙂 Cat-Woman

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