6 thoughts on “Just so you know….

  1. Gina, just so you know for sure, you aren’t irrational! That’s just someone else’s misunderstanding of reality, not yours! Only believe what your friends say about you – they know you best! You are awesome – love you lots!

    Allie, school starts in a few weeks; better get yourself a good spell checker. 🙂

  2. Gina Marie Minard – Sometimes people see things differently. I have been accused once or twice of being delusional when I saw things quite clearly. It could be perception and unfortunately, people do not always see eye to eye not even blood relatives. I should know as I have seven siblings and one father with peanut butter for blood. Just remember a distant relationship is better than none at all. Careful not to draw lines with those who love you even if they don’t love you how you need to be loved. That is the beauty of being a grown up. You can choose to be around those who do love you like you need to be loved.

    Anyhow, we all miss you here in Texas! The boys are doing well and are ready for school to start on Monday. I’ll do all I can to keep them on track until you get to Texas! 🙂

    Zack and Sophia miss you too! They love their Aunty G! And, they are love by many who are not blood – Liz, Allie, Heather, Aunty Juanda, Uncle Don, Liz, Lori, Jessica, Cat, Rona, etc… There are many with the depth to love those who are not blood so no worries. Zack and Sophia have all of the Minard love they need from you and your kidlets. Heck, for that matter, Edgar and his parents love them too so there you go!

    So on to the topic where you should be focusing – congrat and being a few weeks away from your degree! You have worked HARD and burned the candle at both ends for a long time to get to this point! Now you can put that degree to work and make life happen for you and the boys! You go girl!

  3. Irrational – not rational: not governed by reason, mental clarity, or understanding.

    I don’t see any of the above qualities in you. In fact I think its quiet the opposite. I also know you to be loyal, loving, very funny and all around awesome. Love you, mi vida.

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