To my Loyal Readers

(All 2.78 of you!)

Today it appears I might begin the day with a better attitude. Not sure why – the alarm still pissed me off, the coffee is the same, I was sad that Lucky was not at the door waiting for me, and of course there’s this empty house. But I don’t know, it just seems better today.

Some updates for you:

1) Edgar’s interview in Texas went very well. I haven’t heard the “official” word, but he seemed to think the job was totally his as they already talked salary and he took a drug test, etc. So this is the final factor that tips me over the point of moving to Texas. Part of me is scared, but at least I know for sure where to focus my efforts. Perhaps this piece of information is one of the reasons I woke up with a better attitude! Limbo is for losers.

2) That explains why Deana is enrolling my boys in school in Texas (if you’ve read her latest post). They are very excited and the schools, I am told, are very nice.

3) Kirstie has been working at Forever 21 and enjoying it very much. She has received plenty of hours, so that’s great. Not sure how all this change affects her, as Edgar indicated he wanted her to be able to finish her senior year at Canyon. I am thinking that she will stay in Cali through the year with Edgar’s parents. This makes me a little sad, but Kirstie and I have talked and she has a wonderful attitude. We will be having lunch and catching up this week. She is becoming such a wonderful young lady – sometimes I am totally in awe.

4) I start my Acts class tonight – and, no!, I haven’t finished my homework! Freak it was WAY TOO MUCH! But anyway, this has not dampened my attitude this morning although it IS only 5:55am.

5) My dear best friend, Deana, totally razzed me a few weeks ago when I chose to recite portions of THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER for my speech class. Well, actually, I used the Iron Maiden version, but it was still very true to the original. Anyway, she made so much fun of me – saying what a weird poem this was and what was the point of it and basically made fun of me (which, by the way, I can totally handle). Anyway, this morning when I was waiting for my coffee to brew I was putzing around and looked in the media center to see what had not been packed. There was a red folder so I checked it out – schoolwork from Deana! Dun dun dun! On the very top was an analysis essay on nothing other than THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER! Dated 5/17/88 by our own Deana!!!! So now I will never let her live it down and I am so going to tease her! Oh, and she scored a 94%…….

6) I received a call from Victoria yesterday – made me nervous since her baby can pop any minute – but it was just an update. Her c-section, due to the baby being breech, is scheduled for 8/30 but she is already dilating and thinning. This has caused some concern for the doctor so things may be happening THIS week! She pushed up the next appointment to this Thursday instead of next Monday so we shall see. She also told Victoria to pay close attention to everything and go to the hospital if she notices any patterns and such. THIS IS GETTING EXCITING BUT VERY NERVE WRACKING! I am glad that I am still here to help out though! And I can’t wait to finally find out if she’s having a girl or a boy – consensus says it’s a girl.

7) Yes, I am still beautiful – thanks for your concern.

8) Special shout outs to my most loyal readers: Heather (you’re #1 little sis!), Liz, Cat, Lori, Wandita, Allie, Jen T and Deana. Sorry if I missed anyone but hey, you know how it is. Leave comments and I will know!

Okay I have to get my butt out of bed (not to suggest any reference to the ongoing debate about “boatload” vs “buttload” – although spell check recognized the former and not the latter) and get ready for work. Much love to y’all!

11 thoughts on “To my Loyal Readers

  1. An essay by Deana from 1988? That is a must-read!!! And how was that left in the media center? It sounds like a conspiracy.

    You are awesome! You always make me laugh – Texas will be better when you’re there, but what are the MLO’s going to do? I’ll miss you!! Please don’t forget about us.

  2. Gina,

    I check your and Deana’s blogs every day. I love reading them and seeing the great pictures. I am finally clear on what is happening with you and glad to hear that Edgar is moving to Texas,too. I wondered about that. I am sure Kirstie will be fine with her grandparents. It is so important for kids to be able to graduate from the school they have been attending for 3-4 years. Love to you all and God bless.

  3. so the little trolls in the blog won’t let me post with my name, so here goes! #1 glad to know that you are still beautiful!! #2 glad to know that you are having a better day today!! #3 a little bummed that it is looking more and more like Texas is going to be your home. #4 who will be the coolest girl in CML when you take your drumsticks to Texas?? #5 who will be here to listen to me gripe about my next class?? ….

    must I continue??? You are so very cool and I love that you blog and inform us of your thoughts…way too cool!!

  4. Gina, love your blog and thank you for visiting mine. Yes, amazing how in one way or another we are in this world together, for better of for worse. But life is what we make of it so let’s continue to live it. “NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME” Lotus Sutra.

  5. I’m glad that your day started out better. I’m late in checking out the blogs because I’ve been so busy around here lately. DON’T GO TO TEXAS!!! Okay, I said it but I understand your reasons for going…if you actually move. You will be missed.

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