Bios for the Peeps

(Sub Title – What Gina Will Do to Avoid Homework)

Here are some bios of my regular readers!

Liz, Jen, and me

Liz B – She may look innocent in pictures, but she’s a feisty one! She is witty, sarcastic, and a great story teller. She makes me laugh so hard and plays the perfect “good cop” to my “bad cop” (especially in relation to Cat’s ridiculous shoes! LOL). Check out her comments here and on Deana’s blog – you will see all of what I’ve described there!

Wanda and Deana

Wanda is Mi Vida, often people get the two of us confused (SERIOUSLY!) She has been told she “did a great job on the drums in staff meeting” before and such. Obviously she must be very beautiful! Wanda has an amazing sense of humor, as you probably noticed from her comments, and also has a heart of gold. She is way nicer than Deana. LOL I also call her my Mom…..


Heather is my “little sister” and daughter of Wanda. She is a college student, employee at Subway, and older sister, and a comedian. Don’t believe me? Check out her comments! She posts the most and usually gets one of the top two posting positions. She is in an ongoing competition with me and Liz on Deana’s blog. She also backs me up on most occasions. I think I owe her my next cell phone when I upgrade…..


Allie B, sister of Heather and daughter of Wanda, doesn’t post as much but is cool just the same. It’s fun to see her and Heather bicker in the comments, although they were pretty united on the whole “boatload vs buttload” argument! Great job! She also is very helpful to me as she is making me a care package and will eventually be doing my laundry. ALLIE RULES!

Okay, I won’t post more because my jacked wireless is kind of slow tonight and the pics are taking forever. I DO have to do SOME homework people!

See ya!

8 thoughts on “Bios for the Peeps

  1. oh shut up allie thats just cuz i went to the store to buy you something!!!!

    ok so i’m reading the blog outloud cuz its late i’m tired and i do that..then when i read about possible getting your cell fone i throw my hands up and yell whoo huu (serious) then rebecca (my lil 2year old cuz) looks at me and does the same thing haha that was cute i thought id mentin it

    gina you better be done with your homework if your on the computer…oh dear lord i sound like my mother!

  2. Gina, YOU make ME laugh so hard! ECCU will be so sad when you are gone to Texas. You make my day!

    Allie & Heather, I still say it’s boatload! Wanda, you’d better defend yourself – your daughter doesn’t want to be like you!

  3. liz.

    its not that heather doesnt want to me like my mom. its just…can’t we wait to turn into her when we are olderr. we are only 16 and 19. good grief and the funny thing is whenever we watch my little cousins you see heather turn into my mom so fast. its funny! heather would say “rebecca jeanette leckie get your butt over here” shades of my mom “heather daniel lopez burke get your butt over here”

  4. OK, 1st of all I never said “get your butt over here”, “get yourself over here” maybe but never butt!

    And what’s wrong with being like your mom? It could be worse you could be turning into your Grandmother. LOL!

    Gina, you are too much crazy. I love reading your blog.

  5. Well, it’s okay to want to be like your mom at any age. You never know, she was probably the coolest girl on the street at your age.

    Babysitting is the sure way to tell if you’re like your mom – discipline styles are the first to rub off! Just wait till you have your own kids – it will be funny to watch!

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