Changes Galore!

First, the negatives:

1) Deana, Stepha, and the kids moved to Texas. You have heard me bemoan this subject enough that I don’t need to go into details!

2) Several other close friends have been or will be on vacation. Sigh. I am sucking it up, truly! But holy crap people! Don’t you know it’s all about me??? LOL

3) A homeless man “parked” in Chino Hills and I have forged a sort of friendship and now he’s gone! I hope he’s okay.

Now, the positives:

1) Thanks to cool friends like Sonya who have hung out with me! YOU ROCK!

2) School is back in swing so that takes up a lot of my free time.

3) Oh yeah, there’s this jacked wireless connection…..

4) I don’t know, I kind of feel like there should be more positives than negatives, so I am really pressured to have something here! Oh, damn!

Today I started my Job/Eccles/Song of Solomon Bible class. It is very small – only 5 students, glad they didn’t cancel it! – but sometimes the smaller classes are harder because the IDIOTS in the class think they can just take over! Such was the case today! But otherwise it was very interesting. I also start my Acts Bible class on Tuesday and have a boatload of homework to do so I better get back to bed so I am awake enough to do it tomorrow (today?).

Special shout out to Heather – my little left handed sister – who always comments me and leaves me messages on my MySpace! Love you!


5 thoughts on “Changes Galore!

  1. He probably just went on vacation too… Hang in there Gina! It’s only upside down for a few… in the big picture. You’re AWESOME Dudette!!! (I know… nobody ever says that anymore!!! oh well…)

    ROCK ON – ok!!! 🙂

  2. yay i got a shout out

    now to your critique blog the proper college terminology is no “boatload of homework” its “buttload” hahahahahah

  3. Actually, girls, it’s boatload. Gina is right! Sorry, age takes precedence here. It was apparently passed down wrong to your generation.

    Gina, I saved all these up so I could read them at work today when I knew I would have nothing to do. You’re too much crazy! I love reading your posts. Good to see a shout out for Huntington Beach!

  4. You have a MySpace???? How is it that I didn’t know that?? Can you help me spy on my daughter???

    Lori 🙂

    Okay – that is as close as the trolls will let me come to signing on… LOL!!

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