Shocking, I know, here’s a survey

I Am a mom, a friend, left handed, and missing you.
I Want to be done with school and back with my family.
I Have three wonderful kids and many friends in my life that are family.
I Wish I was not alone in California, but glad for my local friends!
I Hate rude, inconsiderate people who only care for themselves.
I Fear losing my family, anything in eyes, and swimming at Huntington Beach.
I Hear jazz music that I really don’t enjoy but Pete is playing it too loud again.
I Search for laughter at all costs, for needs in others, and for real people.
I Wonder about how I can be a better person to at least one of my friends.
I Regret that not everyone can be left handed.
I Love how my life has turned out, which includes so many more to love!
I Ache in my heart, for a huge part of it is thousands of miles away.
I Always trust in the saving Grace of Jesus Christ – He has done the work for me.
I Usually am on the computer, doing homework, or reading a book.
I Am Not right handed, tan, underweight, lame, or with Justin.
I Dance like a white girl with no rhythm
I Sing in the shower, in my car, and on Sing Star.
I Never let the water run when I brush my teeth.
I Rarely watch TV.
I Cry often, but hate to do it in front of others.
I Am Not Always Nice.
I Lose usually with a bad attitude.
I’m Confused about how I am supposed to answer this question.
I Need to smile more or else people will notice that I am trying not to cry.
I Should be doing my homework right now instead of this survey

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