It was a California Weekend!

Well, Deana’s last weekend in California, also known as her Birthday Weekend, was a success! Amid the frantic sounds of packing and grunts as her brother’s moved furniture into the garage, festivities flowed like the Colorado River!

First, a recap of Saturday:

2 pm: Baby Shower for Beautiful Victoria, who thinks she’s having a girl but Anthony insists she’s having a boy. Too many laughs to recount but a wonderful time was had by all!

7 pm: Reservations at Tu Tu Tango in Orange, where the birthday festivities for Deana began. Our wonderful server was Sandy, daughter of Rona, who made us feel like royalty. And boy, she has lungs! She yelled very well to the room to announce Deana’s birthday!

9 pm: Reservations at Lucky Strike Lanes, where there were no 300 games in view. However, the company was awesome, the beat of the music addicting, and the laughter consistent.


2 pm: Deana’s birthday party begins (ironically, only the kids went swimming!). It was a quiet affair with reminiscing and laughter. There were times of bittersweet emotions as everyone knew Deana would be driving away for Texas within days. Including me!

10 pm: Gina, after taking a wonderful nap because she was still tired from the night before, actually packed up the computers and printers! Now what is Deana going to stress about????

Sounds kind of benign, but it was non-stop and LOTS of fun this weekend. Deana truly has A-Class friends and family that are loving and sincere – real people and that is wonderful. Each and every one touched her heart in a special way this weekend, and I was blessed to be able to witness it (and, at the the same time, have fun with them as well!)

Only one “down” moment for the weekend. I received a phone call at about 1pm on Sunday from a family member. Said member represents a huge portion of my heart and whom I have held in great favor my entire life. This person was who I modeled most of my adult life after, hoping to emulate all the qualities I found exceptional. However, this same person apparently refuses to want to have anything to do with Deana and her children. I am only speculating here, but I don’t know, it’s becoming more obvious. I mean, when we got back from Russia and I excitedly said “we’re coming over to see you!” so that Zack and Sophia could meet them, and I was told to only bring family members, I was stung (and, incidentally, did not go over). Well, actually quite devastated. Then, I hear from my EX-HUSBAND that this person’s spouse called him to say, “hey, can you visit with the kids, we would love to see you?” What the hell is THAT about since my ex is not “family”????? And then, I get a call at 1pm, very cold I might add, and hear “I said we would be coming today but will not be – just wanted you to know.” So, without hearing the exact words of rejection, I feel nothing but……and this time I am not hurt, I am not devastated! I am PISSED (excuse me French). This person represented so much to me and is someone I have loved completely my entire life. I will continue to love them, of course, but that doesn’t mean I have to continue letting them break my heart. and again, I am merely speculating at the reason of the rejection, but it seems tied to the fact that Deana adopted two wonderful children. And that, in itself, makes me utterly pissed off.

Now, if said family member reads this blog, which I highly doubt, feel free to let me know if my perception is wrong. But I have to say, I thought we were closer than that! I am tired of the games! And if this is coming from your spouse instead of you, shame on you! Because I have not done a damn thing wrong and I honestly am tired of the emotional games and obvious judgment being placed on me or Deana……if I wanted that I would not convince my own mother that I see her every week while it has actually been months!

Oops, I wrote way too much on that one so I better get back to the happy portion of this post!

Deana is happy, her kids are blossoming into extraordinary people, my own kids are thriving despite what others may think, and my life is wonderful……except that I will be missing Deana and she drives off into the sunset of Texas! Sigh. And today is my first day or working without her two rows away……so I think Wanda will be bugged so much that she will have to use her ruler! LOL

Thanks for reading. Oh, and thanks for the speech topics! I will let you know how that develops!

5 thoughts on “It was a California Weekend!

  1. It was fun hanging with you on Sunday. It was a relaxing party, and totally fun watching the kiddos swim. Plus, how fun was it when I said goodbye and Sophia came running at me, dripping wet from the pool, yelling “kisses!” Thanks for throwing Deana a BBQ, even if you didn’t have all your cooking utensils. By the way, Gina cooks the BEST hamburgers!!!

  2. It was great hanging with Mi Vida for the last time in Cali. Next party – Texas!!! Be there or be square! Well maybe you should call first. 🙂

  3. It was the greatest bday ever!!! Gina, no worries about whoever is giving you grief. If it is over me or the kids for whatever reason (seems strange to me), it is okay. We have so many people surrounding us with prayers and love that we don’t really need them in our lives anyhow.

    Perhaps it is good that said party did not show up at my birthday party. We had a wonderful time of just sharing, laughing and relaxing. All of that may have been lost under a cloud of ugliness had they shown up.

    The Lord didn’t call me to adopt Zack and Sophia because it was going to be a bed of roses. I imagine that others such as this person will pop up here and there throughout their entire lives.

    My job is to teach my kids how to love as Jesus would and not to focus on the negatives.

    Thanks for being an awesome friend! You truly have been a God send. You are a sister to me!

  4. I’m sorry that you’ve had grief but it was a great party. While none of the adults went in the pool I think G had some fun getting wet by Kenny. Those kids have so much fun together. They’ll remember these memories the rest of their lives.

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