I believe the speech went well…..

So my big time speech was last night – you know, the one that makes up 40% of me grade? I was first up because I had two special guests – Zack and Sophia!!! They were my finale – at the end of the speech, which was about Russian Adoption, I had them come in to show how wonderfully kids turn out who are loved and cared for! Sophia BOUNDED into the room with no problem, but Zack pretty much had to be threatened to enter! (Well, I found that out later!). But it went well I believe. I won’t know my grade until Monday, but I was able to see the notes my teacher made and I scored high on most categories.

I happened to write this in class last night:

Today I am sitting in speech class, having already given my Informational Speech, which makes up 40% of my grade. I think I did overall well – enough to pass this class. And that’s really all I need to do – which is hard for me. It’s hard not to get A’s in ANY class – even this one.

One thing – I don’t think it’s cool for students that meet socially with the teacher to have special treatment. For example, one such student was absent yesterday. Then today, she totally messed up on her speech. To me, she was unprepared as she was reading her notecards, saying, “oh wait!”, etc. She finally stopped and asked to be able to do it over because the CD of a song she brought in didn’t play loud enough and it “really bummed her out”. I give my teacher some credit – he really thought about it and seemed uncomfortable regarding the request – but ultimately he said okay. I don’t think that is cool, especially since said student is always late, etc. That’s my beef for today.

On a side note – she DID do the speech again and it WAS better, although I still think she was unprepared. Her speech was on Lou Reed; she played several of his songs but there didn’t seem to be a structure to her speech, she back tracked often to cover items she overlooked, and ultimately she went WAY over the time she was supposed to (over 8 minutes instead of 7 max).

Anyway, so now I am working on my NEXT speech! It is a persuasive speech and I need to decide on a social topic that is often debated. However, I have a long list of “topics that are not allowed”, including religion, abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. So if you have any ideas, let me know!

Ta ta!

3 thoughts on “I believe the speech went well…..

  1. International Adoption
    Standardized testing in schools
    National Health Care
    School Uniforms in Public Schools
    Euthanasia Provided by a Doctor

    Just a few ideas. Obviously these have 2 sides… persuasive speeches are my favorite b/c they seem to carry the most passion and people feel very strongly about their stance.

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