Paul’s Letter to the Romans

I LOVE this epistle very much – one of my favorites. But right now I am like “huh”? My assignment is to read a book called THE ROMANS DEBATE and decide why Paul wrote the letter to the Romans. At first it seemed pretty easy, but inside are a bunch of essays regarding the subject and it seems there are lots of different views in answering this question! Some are way over my head (quoting Greek with no translation in the argument) and some seem pretty far fetched (Paul was secretly writing to the Christian church in Jerusalem). I am about half way through the book and I THINK I have my own opinion, but who knows what the next argument will be????

But this has been a pretty cool exercise. I have never really been involved with an analysis of why a part of the Bible was written so this is a new take that has made me use my brain a little!

Any Roman experts out there?!?!!?!!?!

3 thoughts on “Paul’s Letter to the Romans

  1. I only know the Romans Road. HE HE HE

    Great to see that something makes you stretch a little. You are such a brainiac otherwise.

    Tick Tock…you are almost degreed!!!!!

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