Back to basics!

Okay, sorry for my pity party yesterday, but let me tell you that your comments have really blessed me THANKS!

No big reveal today and not much drama to report. First day of work – check. Busy there and everyone was really slammed when I was relaxing at Hume Lake, so it made me feel good to be able to contribute. Otherwise, same old same old.

School front – when Mary and I stayed the night Thursday for our last class, before returning to Hume Lake, I printed a few junior college transferable course listings for her. In doing so I was startled to see that the history class I had taken was NOT LISTED AS A TRANSFERABLE COURSE!!! Not having my well-kept records, I was very nervous and immediately emailed my counselor, who I had just seen hours before at our last class. You see, if that class wasn’t accepted, then I couldn’t graduate in December. As it turned out, I would not be able to get a response until TODAY as I didn’t have internet access at the lake and Fitsum was out until that time. I am happy to report that I didn’t even WORRY about it!!! (Let me tell you, I can certainly worry about that sort of thing!)

Today, I received a response from Fitsum – not only will Biola accept the class, but they had just received my official transcript! Barstow College no longer teaches the class and that’s why it’s not on the current list, but the class I took is acceptable.

YES! Still on track for graduation in December!

4 thoughts on “Back to basics!

  1. Oh I’m so glad that you didn’t worry about that while on vacation. I think it would have been hard for me to do. You go Gina!! I’m proud of you.


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