One down……one to go!

Okay, last night was a BIG presentation in my Principles of Management class. It was a “group project” which sort of sucked since I did about 80% of the group work. (But, hey, I am not bitter!) But it went pretty well – it was a case study on Osborne Computers – a real company that made about $100million in sales within 18 months of beginning business (this was in the early 80’s), but was bankrupt within 3 years………pretty sad huh?

If that sounds intriguing, check this out

So I am glad that is over – only one more night in Inglewood and I will be down to one class remaining for my Major courses, which is already in progress and will end 6/28. Today I need to scramble to get my 6 page essay on the Biblical ethics of Infertility treatments – oh will the fun ever end?

But I sense that I am complaining too much – that is not what I am feeling right now. I actually feel pretty good – tired, need to rush to play the drums at work this morning, but I am feeling GOOD! Sometimes God seems to plan little things just for me (at least, that’s how it feels!). Like this morning – my cat was waiting for me at my door and she showed me amazing love. Jerry had already made the coffee with the timer, so it was waiting for me. The sky looks fabulous this morning – cloudy with sun peaking out here and there. And if you read this Martin – I can hear the birds chirping…….very nice. Today might be hectic, coming off weeks (or maybe even months) of “hectic” for me, but God is faithful to sustain me and loves me so much that He even blesses me…..a great way to start the day!

I pray that you feel God’s encouragement and blessings today too!

3 thoughts on “One down……one to go!

  1. The new mantra… I now share it with you now…


    “Everything is going to be OK!!!”

    Keep up the GREAT job… you are awesome!


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