What happens when a man is bored?

Picture this:

Dinner is about ready, yours truly is hungry, and the phone rings. Caller ID shows PRIVATE NUMBER. “Hello, may I speak with Deana?” “I am sorry, she is not in – may I take a message?” (Okay, I lied – Deana was right there in the kitchen GETTING DINNER READY! I really don’t condone lying on a regular basis, but again….I was hungry!)

Phone call continues:

Caller: Yes, I will leave a message. Let me know when you’re ready
Me: Okay, I am ready
Caller: 800-blah blah blah
Me: Okay, may I tell her what this is regarding?
Caller: yes, this is in regards to a car accident she was involved in
Me: A car accident? I am not aware of a car accident she was involved in
Caller: Yes, let me see, the accident took place on February 2nd and there were two injuries involved
Me: I believe you have the wrong Deana, she was not in an accident in February
Caller: Deana R, birthday August 5th?
Me: That is correct, but I would know if she was in a car accident, and she wasn’t in one (looking at Deana with suspicion!)
Caller: She was in a car accident, two people were injured, and now they are filing suit against her
(at this point, I really want to get pissy with the man, but decide not to)
Me: Well, I need a little more information – what is your name?
Caller: this is Jacob
Me: Well Jacob, I need more information, like a copy of the police report. I need to call the police because this is totally fraud
Caller: okay, is there a number I can fax the report to?
Me: and the name of your firm?
Caller: Car Accident Law Firms
(now I am wondering if I am being punked, because what the hell kind of name is that? I decide not to mention it just yet)
Caller: What is your name?
Me: I am not telling you my name – I don’t even know who this is!
Caller: This is Jacob with Car Accident Law Firms……but the full name of the firm is Pierce and Pierce Law Firm.
(damn, that sounds for real….maybe I am NOT being punked!)
Me: Well, where did this accident supposedly happen?
Caller: In Corona…….pause…….let me check out my paperwork……….
(My mind is really spinning now thinking this is crap)
Caller: So Deana, (I forgot the question)
Me: This is not Deana
Caller: I am sorry, what is your name?
Me: I am not telling you as I have no real information regarding this situation. I need documentation that this even occurred.
Caller: Wow Gina, you’re good!

You see, this was Anthony, Victoria’s fiance. I THOUGHT I recognized his voice, especially with the the Car Accident Law Firms, but he sounded so professional and I’ve only talked to him on the phone once or twice before. He was good, but I am glad I didn’t say what I was thinking! LOL

So lesson #1, Anthony is DANGEROUS!

On a side note, Anthony and Victoria are starting their breeding company and they have adorable puppies that were born a couple weeks ago. The site is under construction and updates are coming, but check out http://primebluepits.com/ to see more.

Better get ready for work – my boss yells at me when I am late and then I cry………..

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