Ahem, jet lag SUCKS!

Yep, it’s 4:24am and, well, I’ve been up all night! I remember this happening last time we went to Russia, but living through it again is not that fun! But there ARE bennies – Zack is awake too and needed someone and I was able to help him out. First, he needed to go potty and was unsure of going to the bathroom on his own. Then, he asked to watch TV in the room – since he seemed pretty awake I said okay. He just got up again and asked for a drink. I am pretty proud of myself because in both causes he spoke Russian but I understood! Booya! Maybe I’ve changed through the process a little, too!
But still, I know I am in for trouble! About 11am I am going to be tired again and how can I NOT sleep? Sigh. Maybe I will only sleep for about 3 hours this time, get up, and then take Advil PM tomorrow night. In any case, I hope this situation resolves itself before Monday for sure, at which time I will be happily back at work!
Other than the frustration of being totally out of sorts with the local time, things are good. The kids are great and it’s SO WONDERFUL to be with my boys again! I missed them SO much! It seemed much longer this time around and it was torturous not to be able to see them or talk to them. I love them so much and it’s so wonderful to see how they are interacting with Zack and Sophia. They truly love them and that blesses me completely.
Okay, me and Lucky (my beautiful cat) will continue being nocturnal together. I will write more later!

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