Back to life, back to reality…..

Hello! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

Today I go back to work after being off two weeks to help Deana bring home her beautiful children from Russia! As usual, I am anxious to get back as I love my job. Still off due to jet lag, but I’ve made progress and hope to stay awake at work. More difficult will be my Sociology class tonight (7-9pm) plus the fact that we are having a test! So I might be living off a Grande Mocha Quad (one pump mocha, no whip cream)!

This weekend was fun! Deana is still very sick and I’ve had the same cold, although not as bad as she gave me some medication (over the counter) that Wanda had suggested some time ago. Can’t even spell the name, but it is similar to Airborne and it helps reduce the symptoms. I am a walking example that this is true! But physically I still feel a bit puny.

Okay, enough of the whining! The kids are doing GREAT – mine included. Kenny, who accepted the Lord about 3 years ago, did something amazing yesterday! We went to Mary’s church (Deana’s mom, who I also call Mom) so everyone there could meet Zack and Sophia. It was a pretty good service (which is very nice to say since I usually rip her church!) and very pleasant. During the service he invited anyone who was a Christian but who had never been baptized to come forward – how wonderful to be baptized on Easter! Well, there goes my son! Fortunately I had the video camera and D had her camera for Easter so we were able to record the event! He was so jazzed and it was even more special to him because I told him I had been baptized on Easter as well (many moons ago!).

I don’t have time now, but I will post pictures later!

Have a wonderful day!

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