4/5 5pm Russian Time

Yeah, I have internet access again! How I missed it and sorry for those of you who were experiencing withdrawals. We found another internet point – OUR LIVING ROOM! That’s right, WE ARE HOME!!!!

You see, when we went to the US Embassy on Tuesday to get the kids’ visas and paperwork to become US Citizens, Olga #3 told us we could probably go home on Wednesday and register with the Russian Government from home. We were like, really? But I didn’t get my hopes up – I warned Deana that we shouldn’t get too excited until we were sure there were seats available, etc. So after the Embassy (which was very nice and where we met several adopting families) we went to the Aeroflot office to exchange our tickets.

Long story short – we got seats and we arrived yesterday at about 5pm! Sorry to Wanda – my cell was dead and also we really didn’t arrive home until around 10pm as we went to eat and stopped by Babushka’s house. Then we had to go in the big pool right away, see the house, etc!

But I am getting ahead of myself. D and I are all caddywambus with the time difference. I about fell over around midnight because I really wasn’t able to sleep on the plane (freaking loud, obnoxious Russian women who do not know how to observe the freaking entire plane was trying to sleep – but I’m not bitter). I pretty much passed out but then woke up at 5am California time with horrible heartburn (okay, so I had a Zinger and Hostess’ Cupcake late last night…..). So I am sure I will hit a wall shortly (as will D, who also woke up not long ago) but as of right now I am wide awake.

The kids did GREAT on the plane! Of course, it was very exciting – especially for Zack who was beside himself – and they slept well for most of the flight. There were plenty of empty seats so the kids were able to spread out and get comfortable. They also did very well when meeting the Rivera clan at the airport (sans Manuel and Julia – we missed you!) as well as Kenny and Josh and got along splendidly with everyone despite the language barrier. They also loved the following:

  • The DVD player in my Yukon
  • Chips at the Mexican restaurant we ate at (not so much the rest of the food though!)
  • The dogs at Grandma’s house (Sophia more than Zack)
  • Their new home (more specifics to follow)
  • Their bicycles (which Zack kept asking about on the flight as he saw the pics on D’s blog)
  • Their rooms and toys
  • Their new swimming pool
  • Thier beds

There is so much to chronicle that its difficult for me to write it all down here and now (remember, I have only slept about 5 hours in the last 48 hours…..). But I will try to catch up in the coming days.

Also, I want to assure you that Tex and Lucky were very glad to see their mama! Tex went crazy (more than usual). Lucky was in hiding for some time after we arrived home but when I sat down on the sofa with my laptop she came running and has been basically attached to me since that point! She has been constantly purring and its very sweet.

Okay, hope y’all are doing well. God Bless America – it’s so so good to be home!

4 thoughts on “4/5 5pm Russian Time

  1. Hooray!!! Glad to know you are all in the Mother Homeland once again!!!!! Praise, Praise & more Praise!!!
    Can hardly wait to hear …”the rest of the story…” and pics, and soon – MEET the new family members!!! I sense the great JOY and am loving it for you! God Bless and Welcome Home! CatO

  2. I am so happy and relieved that you all are home safely. Praise God for bringing this beautiful family together. Deana is blessed to have you for a special friend Gina and I know the kids will get along great. Love to you all.

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