4/1 10:45 am Russian Time

I am currently in “McCafe” a McDonald’s wanna be Starbucks in Moscow. The good part is FREE INTERNET ACCESS!

We only have 30 minutes and I want to give the bulk to Deana, but wanted to say we made it here safely, the kids are doing great, and there is SO MUCH to tell you! I am having a blast but almost as anxious as Deana to get home and back to reality (and American food!) McDonald’s is good but not what we are used to so it’s a so-so situation. Deana has been able to eat more so that’s good. We also have a refigerator in our room so went to the market to get food, too.

Okay, hope you all are doing well. Will try to post more later too.


6 thoughts on “4/1 10:45 am Russian Time

  1. PTL for McCafe! I don’t think I could have handled not “hearing” from you guys daily. Thanks so much for the blogs. I think I am addicted to them much like someone is addicted to soaps!

    Praying that the next week goes well for you and that you don’t encounter any set backs.


  2. McDonald . . . pssshhhhhh if it’s American food your craving just wait for Saturday’s Carne Asada dinner. MMMMMMMMMM I can smell it cooking now!

  3. Hi Ladies & kiddies,
    It’s Crystal. Thanks Gina for the instructions to leave you a note. Just want to say ‘Hi’ & what a joy it is to read the blogs. Like ‘W’, i too am addicted – checking morning and evening for new blogs & photos. You girls are amazing and the kids are beautiful.

  4. Hey there, thank you for the instructions to comment – I feel so hip right now! Thank you thank you for keeping us up to date. I think of you often and pray that all stay safe. We’re really busy here Gina! I know how to read between the lines and me thinks that your desire for American food is just an excuse – you know you want to get home so you can underwrite those five files that are piled on your desk.

  5. o.k. so I understand how to post but forgot I had to sign my name, at least I didn’t delete the entire internet site!! This and the last comment were mine. Rona.

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