3/30 11:30am Russian Time


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Well, first of all, SUCCESS! Deana and I slept through the night! I was shocked when I heard Zack whispering this morning and realized it was 6:30am and I wasn’t wide awake at 1 or 2 in the morning! I feel much better today (I was nauseous and dizzy all day yesterday) and even put some make-up on!!!! I think the receptionists in the lobby probably didn’t recognize me! LOL

Yesterday, despite my feeling gross, was filled with precious moments. If you’ve seen Deana’s blog, you would have seen that Zack did his circus performances, including standing on my shoulders! Before getting there, you need to realize that he JUMPED onto my shoulders as I was sitting on the bed (legs over my shoulder, etc.) He is very agile, doing somersaults on the bed, standing on me as I lay down, standing on my shoulders – I can’t imagine what he will be capable of once we get out of this tiny room!

But that isn’t best part! As many of you know, I am addicted to sunflower seeds. Yes, I mean addicted! I was sitting reading on the bed, eating my seeds, spitting the shells into a brown bag I brought for that purpose, loving life. Zack came over and asked for some too. While he is not as proficient as me, he knows how to eat seeds! So we sat on the bed, me reading and Zack watching TV, eating seeds. When he was finished with the seeds I had given him, he would show his hands to me and Deana to receive praise. Let me tell you, it seems very silly with me typing here, but it was a true bonding time for me and Zack.

Later, he also reclined against me, which is a huge improvement. He is not as physically receptive as Sophia, so the fact that he touched me and relaxed with me was very special.

The other huge thing with Zack as that he has begun calling Deana MOM (not Mama). While previously he would acknowledge that Deana was Mama when we would question him, he never called that. But especially when he wants to show her something, he screams “MOM!” It is so cute! And it is from him – I have never referred to her a Mom up until that point and I don’t believe I’ve referred to anyone else as Mom in his presence. Today, he even asked for a kiss from Mom when she kissed Sophia, another huge deal!

He is also cute – when you say “you are so handsome” in Russian, he says “Nyt!” and acts all shy. He also ALWAYS shares! For example, the kids had been dying for more goldfish crackers all day. Trying to protect their little tummies, we have been careful about letting them eat. Finally, Deana said okay and joy abounded everywhere. Therefore, it was very endearing to see Zack offering me some of his cherished goldfish! He did the same thing with his rice crispy bar today – he took one bit and immediately offered me a bit. He does the same thing with Sophia – he always shares and makes sure she has food, etc. It is so very precious.
He also is getting very good as thanking us (spiceeba!) for things. If Deana is not in the room when he does it, he proudly tells her that he said thanks to me for something! He is really beginning to like when we praise him for doing something good.

Sophia is amazing with words! She copies words all the time, even when we are not trying to teach her English. She already calls her brother Zack, calls Deana mama, although Gina is difficult for her to pronounce. (I think it sounds more like Xena, but hey it could be worse. NO RONA, this is not your cue! LOL) She is amazing – already she knows where her nose is, her belly, and we are working on the foot (all the time I was teaching her, she thought I met my sock!) While her personality seems to be a bit more stubborn than Zack’s, she has a very sweet spirit. She is much more physically affectionate – she loves to kiss us. She also tries to be a circus entertainer like her brother but lacks the coordination so she often gives us heart attacks. They both love for me to throw them around and/or tickle them. Sophia loves it just as much as her brother and I have been happy to oblige them both!

Okay I will go now and I don’t have pics because Deana is hording them so there you go!

5 thoughts on “3/30 11:30am Russian Time

  1. what? no more daily posts from russia?? wat will i do in class now?? man gina now i got actually pay attention in class…great lol

  2. man….you guys better find internet over there. =] i love reading the daily post =] my computer teacher even asks me.. ” any updates from russia!”

    love you guys.
    give the kids kisses from me. =]

  3. Hey Gina Bo Bina, and the new fam. I am so happy to hear of your success. I can’t wait to hear all about it upon all of you returning. We are thinking of you and hope you have a safe trip home. kim

  4. Mom said…. I am counting the days,what time does the plane land here. I want to make sure I’m there alittle early, also I need to know what time to leave school. Friday is open house here at school. I will be at the airport to greet all of you. I can’t wait, I look at the pictures and read the blogs every day even when you have posted any thing new. All is well at home. Give Zack and Sophia a hug and kiss from their Grandma. Thank you for telling me how to leave a comment because I did not know how to.Love Mom

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