Especially for Heather and Allie….

….who I’ve been told have religiously checked the blogs each morning and upon getting home from school! YOU ROCK! But the rest of you, who have done a great job as well, can benefit too!

Zack showing Sophia how to pop her balloon but jumping in it!

Zack is doing well in the “Gina’s School of Silliness”! Here he is licking his balloons.
(He did it especially for a picture!)
Here is Sophia right after getting dressed in the morning. First thing, must get backpack!

Having a blast here, although it is the middle of the night and we are wide awake! We are becomming a nightly fixture in the lobby – I come down around this time to get updated internet passwords and Pepsi Light! Fortunately, I am not the only one with this problem – I have made a few friends at the lobby “bar” where they sell the sodas. Seems like the time change is hard for all who are visiting Russia!

I must say, the service here is stellar! Tonight I asked about how to handle the laundry, and one of the receptionists came back to my room to get it from me! Very cool. (Well, I WILL need to wait about 24 hours to get them back, but still…..)

Wanda, let me know if these pictures help satisfy the masses! I know that Deana is working on her blog now to get some more out there, too. Thanks to everyone at home who has read, prayed, and encouraged!

2 thoughts on “Especially for Heather and Allie….

  1. heck yes i check your blogs =]
    i cant wait for you guys to come home. i wanna meet them alreadddyyy.

    give ’em a kiss for me ((muahhhhh))

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