3/28 7:30pm Russian Time (Plus pics!)

Well, we made it through another day with success! While Zack and Sophia are definitely angels, they are not PERFECT. They implemented times of testing the waters on occasion, pushing the limits and being downright defiant. Zack especially tests me as I am his “silly buddy” and he doesn’t seem to realize I can be serious, too. But I found a very effective way of dealing with this – ignoring him! He hates that and stops being defiant so that I once again interact with him (can’t take the credit for that one, it was all Deana).

Zack and Sophia having fun with their balloons

Sophia also is very persistent, aka stubborn. But Deana has done a wonderful job with her, as well. Sophia kept wanting to get up from the chair at dinner, and Deana kept putting her back. Sophia, ever so smart, thought she would win that battle by kicking her shoe off so she could get up to get it. Nope, she doesn’t know that Deana is the champion when it comes to those kind of games! She took the shoes and put them on a shelf and put Sophia back on the chair. You should have seen her face! “Oh my word, my shoes are gone!” is what her face said! She stayed in that chair the rest of the night, ate her dinner very well, and was very happy when we left so that she could put those shoes back on.

Zack has balloon ears!

Zack put a small battle up as well concerning dinner. Because they’ve both had issues with digestion, Deana received some feedback from Olga#2 – rice for dinner. So that’s what they got. Zack had no desire for rice, but was very interested in the French fries that I had ordered, thinking I would get extra for Deana since she’s basically been starving since arriving (it turns out she ordered pasta and no fries at all!) anyway, I negotiated with Zack – “Nyet” (no, while pointing to the rice), “Nyet…” (while pointing to the fries). This was not effective until Deana reduced the amount of rice he should eat and then created a plate with a handful of fries. He ate that rice and got the fries! He wouldn’t eat more rice though. He also wanted some of my Pepsi Light but I was good at saying no! J

All of that to say, I still love them VERY much, but I also wanted to be real. They are real children with real personalities and they push the limits like any other kid in the world! However, I do admit that the language barrier really adds a level of complexity to this process!

Some highlights, however!

1. Is getting very good at saying her name, my name, Zack, and is already a pro at calling MAMA to Deana.
2. Sophia has said Apple, Nose, and Belly and can point out the nose 100% of the time.
3. She is very loving and was kissing me tonight (well, she was alternative between hiding, tickling me, and kissing me!)
4. She completely idolizes her older brother, doing everything he does. Yes, even when he’s being naughty!

1. Zack is SOLID, he might weigh very little, but when you touch him he is solid. He has more strength than you’d expect.
2. Zack is very smart. We were teaching Sophia to whisper at dinner and she was doing a great job. Zack was being a bit stubborn, but then he whispered “creap” (bread) so that he could have a piece. He said spiceeba (thank you) without being coaxed which is a big deal.
3. Zack loves to wrestle, and he really touched my heart today because he began to wrestle with me and hold me. He is not as physically affectionate as Sophia is, but when he did that, it really touched my heart. He is also very light, so it makes it easier for me to throw him all over the room! J
4. As if to give us a huge reward, he said his name today several times at dinner “Zack!” I almost cried.

I can’t wait for you all to meet Zack and Sophia! They are the best!

Zack gives Mama balloon ears, too!

Thank you also for praying for Deana, she is feeling much better and is able to enjoy her children much more!

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