3/28 2:00pm Russian Time

Today has been an awesome day! Not that anything huge happened, but it was the first full day that the family unit for Deana has begun. It started with waking the kids at about 7:15 – they were so cute but we were both excited to see them and knew that they both usually were awakened at 7:30. They woke up slowly, although Zack immediately went to the bathroom and then dressed himself completely – in a flash! He is very self-reliant and proud of it. Deana dressed Sophia and then we went to breakfast. Since they both had stomach issues from the dinner the night before, Deana was very careful in what they ate and the quantity they were allowed. Both asked for more food but it was love (and believe me, it was difficult!) that said no to them. They were well behaved and we have all gotten better at communicating. On a few occasions Zack has tried to communicate to us and we’ve not understood well and he gets a little frustrated, but never mean.

Anyway, the day is awesome! We have watched TV, we hang out in the tiny room, and we even went outside to play with balloons for a time. I went back into the hotel to grab Deana’s camera and ran into a couple from South Carolina who are here to get their second adopted child, a daughter. We had a nice discussion and bonded as Americans so far away from home. They had adopted a boy three years ago so they were giving a tiny bit of insight as to what to expect in Moscow. They couldn’t say too much because they didn’t want to offend Anastasia (yes, the same translator we had yesterday) or Sergei and Olga. During this time Olga informed me that we will not be able to leave NN until Friday so that is kind of sad but it is what it is. That means that it is most likely we will be returning home on the 6th instead of the prayed for 4th. But God is wonderful and is giving Deana the peace she needs to deal with the homesickness and disappointment of the delay.

The kids are very, very smart. Sophia at first insisted her name was not Sophia, but she is eager to please and does anything to hear “BRAVO!” from us (which means “great job!”). So I ask her in Russian “what is your name?” and she yells, “SOPHIA!” It is so cute. I also taught the kids how to say apple and they taught me how to say it in Russian but of course I can’t remember it right now! Sometimes we just gesture to get our messages across. Zack is very good about communicating, too. Although he is not as eager to say his name or react when we say “you are so handsome” other than giggling. I think he is emotionally more affected by the adoption – it seems he is thinking it’s too good to be true. But he also is becoming more comfortable with us and is interacting more and more. He is also very kind to Sophia, who does everything that Zack does. Zack also answers to his name although rebels against “performing” by stating his name as Sophia seems to do. I knew I would love them, but I am truly amazed how very much my heart has been touched so instantly. I look at Deana and realize the feelings and emotions she is feeling, only so much stronger than my own!

Okay I will post this for now, as I listen to Zack splashing in the bath and Sophia softly snoring as she naps!

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