The Documentary Begins

Okay, as I tried to do with the first Russian Trip, I am going to try to document as much as I can for this one ~ especially since this one includes the momentous piece of bringing Zack and Sophia home!!!! I will do my best to capture as much as I can by videotaping to get the emotions, but in the mean time I will try to record my observations in this blog.

Wednesday, 3/21:

Things really seem to be coming together – the court date is scheduled, the passports were received in San Francisco and the visas are on track, the hotels and trains have been scheduled by the agency……it’s almost surreal. Deana has been acting as if things were NOT moving forward, in the sense that it’s just another day. She has been frantically working on a project at work and our discussions have revolved around everyday life, not so much on Zack and Sophia. I even catch myself thoughout the day in surprise, realizing we are leaving Friday night – it seems to unreal.

It is becoming more real for Josh, too. He was counting the number of days before we return and he was exciting to know we would all take Zack and Sophie to Disneyland – the latest craze since Josh and Kenny had just finished their mini-vacation with Steph and Drew. At least Josh is anxious to go on Space Mountain with his Mom! 😉

Thursday, 3/22:

The day is still young, not much to report, but today marks the last day Deana will be going to work. While I will be going in for half of the day tomorrow, Deana will be home getting the last minute details together before we leave for LAX and ultimately Moscow. I will update more later on how the day goes!

I just can’t get out of my mind what I imagine Zack and Sophia’s reactions will be when they first see Deana! I hope I am able to capture the reactions on my camera.

Also, a special shout out to my DAD, who I love very much! Muay muay muay (those are kisses, people!)

Have a wonderful day!

One thought on “The Documentary Begins

  1. Wus up? I dig the blog! You read me well… If I don’t get too excited, I won’t be so crushed if things fall through again!

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