"This is the most fun I’ve every had!!!"

Thus said my 6-year-old son excitedly over the phone yesterday. You see, Deana and I had arranged for Nanny McStephanie to take a little mini vacation with the boys because we would be in Russia. Well, the Russian part fell through but not the vacation! So Steph, Drew, Kenny, Josh, and Kenny’s friend Guy headed for Disneyland for a three day, two night adventure!

In the past, Josh had pretty much focused on the kid rides, partly due to his size and partly due to his disinterest with scary things he didn’t understand. However, he has been experiencing quite a growth spurt as of late and, apparently, has conquered some of his fears. I first heard of this through Deana, who had called to check on everyone just as they finished riding Big Thunder Mountain, which turned out to be Josh’s first attempt at riding a “big ride”. Not only did he scream “this is AWESOME!” throughout the ride, he was Mr. Chatterbox to D, saying “This is the most fun I’ve ever had!!!!!”

Not to be outdone, I called shortly after hearing and he got me up to speed – told me all about Thunder Mountain, told me how he “freaked out” on the Haunted Mansion but then laughed at the ghosts in the mirrors, and that he was going to the Matterhorn. He also went on the Pirates of the Carribean and so many more things! He was like, “This is the best day EVER!!!!” Those of you who don’t know Josh, he is a little more reserved than I am so his excitement was quite fun! He shortly cut me off and said he had to go.

He did call me right after the Matterhorn so I got to experience the excitement exactly how Deana did (booya!) but then he said he needed to go get his driver’s license at the cars so, well, I guess I wasn’t the center of his life at that moment! LOL

Kenny was a little too cool to get all excited but he was nice to me on the phone.

I am very glad that they are having such a great time. I also am very thankful for Steph and Drew who are taking such good care of the kids. We get to meet them for dinner tonight at Goofy’s Kitchen – I love Goofy so I am very excited!!!!! Oh, and it will be nice to see the kids too! 😉

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