The Documentary Continues…..


Balance of 3/22:

Deana’s last day at work for the next 7 weeks turned out to be somewhat uneventful. I didn’t interact with her too much as I had my own business to attend to, but I was able to videotape key moments in her day; working at her desk, coming to my desk at lunch, leaving for the day. It was weird and cool at the same time. Deana seemed to be in the “I am not really leaving tomorrow” mode most of the day.

This continued in the evening, where she went on as if today was not a momentous occasion. She will be doing most of the finalization of the packing today as well.

Otherwise, here is the update:

The Visas are in transit as I type – they arrived at the FedEx location in LA about 20 minutes ago and should be at work before 10:30am. Thanks to everyone who prayed for this situation – it has totally been felt and things have really come together.

Okay, I better get my final packing done because I am going to work today for at least 4 hours!

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