Oh yeah, and I forgot to introduce……

Nanny McStephanie!!!!This is Stephanie, Deana’s youngest sister. She has been helping me by watching the boys beginning February 1st. But starting tomorrow, she will be my full time nanny!!!! She will also be the nanny for Zack and Sophie when they come home from Russia.
She does so much already – she takes the boys to school, picks them up, makes sure homework is done, teaches the boys chores (like Kenny how to do his laundry!), and has even cooked dinner for us (and it was yummy!). She has been a huge blessing for sure!
But even better than that, she is an awesome friend and sister. She is SOOOOO funny, has one liners you wouldn’t believe, sings great in Sing Star (she and I are the best!), and cries at the drop of a hat. She is very kind hearted and loving. I am so happy that she will be around more often for me to love.
Welcome Stephanie! (We’re bringing sexy back!)

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