I am not sure what to type….

….but I have this urge to write something! It’s not that anything profound has happened to me today or that there is something especially irritating I want to expound on. It’s more like there is this urge to be heard. Well, isn’t that the lamest thing you’ve every heard?

I really hope I’m not a narcissist!!!

On the school front: things are going well. I have caught up or moved ahead of schedule with all of my classes. Due to timing constraints and the impending Russia trip, I had to drop my speech class. But that’s cool – I can still graduate in December I am sure.

I also got some projects done today!

  • I copied Deana’s DVD and labeled them so that she can give them out to some of her friends. Hopefully it will work out for her.
  • I was able to back-up a tons of pics on the PC, something that hasn’t been done for over six months.
  • I got to catch up on some of my friend’s blogs.
  • I even installed the Collapse game that Deana gave me for Christmas! Woohoo!

You know, having a holiday is pretty darn awesome!!!!

I hope you are doing well!

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