Nanny McStephanie Day 1 and other updates

Okay, day one with a full time nanny went VERY well! Kids got to school on time, they were picked up and Stephanie got all the info on both boys, homework was done and reviewed, and all I had to do when I got home was eat a delicious dinner and sign some forms for Kenny! Woohoo!

The boys also learned how to make their beds “the right way” and how to vacuum!!! Josh vacuumed his own room and, being the neat freak that he is, loved it. Kenny seemed to enjoy it too, but being a non-neat freak, the joy wasn’t as overwhelming. I AM pleased to announce that the new structure in Kenny’s life seems to be helping out and he appears to be back on track with the academics. I am praying that this continues.

Day 1 was a great success, all because of Nanny McStephanie!!!

I also came home to an official notice from the country regarding my dog that barks “during the hours of all the time”. This is an utter and complete lie. I am too tired right now to write the whole ordeal, but I DID confront my neighbor – very nicely, of course! I am tired of them being so unreasonable! These are the neighbors that called the police because we were having a pool party but it was Drew and the boys – the police said it was inappropriate and unreasonable that they called! They further complained that our pool equipment was too loud, that our air conditioner ran too much, etc. Do you see a pattern here? So anyway, I pretty much said “let’s be civilized adults here – come to us and we can try to work it out. No need to exaggerate about my dog to the county, etc.” I further confirmed with him that Tex was not barking all day long, that they have been happy the last week (maybe it helped that I told them I have a voice activated recorder substantiating the true activities of my dog’s behavior) and that Tex has not been barking all day long or all the time. So there you go. I was proud of myself for not losing my cool but believe me, I really wanted to tell him what I was thinking inside!!!! I think Deana was a little nervous about my interchange because she was waiting for me on the porch with a worried look! (I might have been more effective if I hadn’t already been in my PJ’s, which I put on as soon as I get home!!!!! Hey, aren’t Penguin Pants intimidating????)

I seem to be in a weird place since dropping my Speech class – still in limbo regarding Russia, but the extra hours to do my other homework and the fact I will be home tonight still feels strange. But it’s a good strange so there you go!

Have a wonderful day! If you have a chance, please pray that Deana hears today about her court date so she can get Zack and Sophie. Each day she seems a little more sad and it’s breaking my heart. I wish I could take away the pain but I really have no power as only her children will do it. But I try to at least give her small moments of happiness in the midst of the cloud over her head.


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