Random Thoughts……

Just thought I’d jot down some random thoughts…..

Set one – Gina’s experience driving home from work in Southern California:

  • When you’re in stop-and-go traffic and your lane is merging, following merging ediquette – EVERY OTHER CAR.
  • When you’re in stop-and-go traffic and you’re waiting to merge, it’s not the best time to pick your nose.
  • When you’re in stop-and-go traffic and you take the risk of picking your nose, it is especially important not to eat it!

Set two – loving your neighbor:

  • When your neighbor asks that you turn off your pool pump because it’s too loud (which it really isn’t) smile and show love. (but don’t turn off the pump).
  • When your neighbor asks you to not take your dog out before 8am on the weekends, smile and show love (but take him out if he needs to go potty because, seriously, he isn’t barking or anything).
  • When your neighbor comes to your door in the middle of dinner to state that your dog barks “non-stop” all day when you know that’s a freaking lie and they stand at the fence making noises at your dog to prevoke him…..send Deana to the door before you cause a block riot.

Set three – learning how to behave appropriately:

  • When Deana is testing your six-year-old son on random spelling words and comes up with “car” followed by “cart”, do NOT ask him to spell “far”.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, make up a teasing name for your 11-year-old son because he just might say your name phonetically correct. (thanks for teaching him that, D)
  • When your youngest son makes you a Valentine’s Day card and writes “I mith you” and reads it phonetically, do NOT correct him (it was so cute).

Thanks for reading……

One thought on “Random Thoughts……

  1. Hi Gina,
    I just want you to know I love you and I am proud of you for all the things you have accomplished so far in your life and I know you can do anything you want to and it will be great. Grandma would be so happy for you. I know it is very hard, but keep up the good work. I know you will be a great success. This isn’t really a comment to your blog-I just wanted to tell you. I love reading your blog and also Deana’s.
    Aunt Kay

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